Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fallen Princes Deathwatch Project Veteran Sergeant

Almost finished..

Well I'm sorry but that howling griffons chapter badge.. I cant paint that.. so i'm waiting on some decal paper and i'll print one up and slap it on.

Because of that he's a wee bit shiny at the moment, but i'll mattcoat him when that arrives, then maybe re-do some of the silver so that's shiny.

I put a good number of purity seals and scribbles on him, as that's part of the howling griffon fluff I believe..

ahh the suspiciously empty place where the iconography should be :)

And now... the amazing screw-on head! (go mike mignola!)

Hm, maybe I should a made a place on him or the base for the helmet.. though thinking about it, it woulda looked weird the other way round then...

and a top view so you can see the TMM work, heh. silly acronym

This project is rapidly becoming a thing...

I mean, look at the squad so far..

Sternguard Deathwatch. 

Sgt: Karitas Howling Griffons Excommunicate Tratoris 
Trooper: Brother Silar (Astral Claws), Combi-Plasma gun. 
Trooper: Brother N'tur (Salamander), Heavy flamer. For Holy Terra. 
Trooper: Minotaur, Bolter Badab War in Cambridge. 
Trooper: Lamenter Lamentum 
Trooper: Death Specter 
Trooper: Lamenters, Flamer Cognitive Dissonance
Trooper: Into the Void 
Trooper: Raptor Iron Legion

Only one spot left to fill.. Well, that's me for now. as soon as the decal paper arrives and the thing is on there i shall be posting this off to be part of the competition/charity auction. let me know what you think, not my best work, but I quite like the way the colours pop.. I can certainly see the attraction of a full army of these guys.


  1. He is looking good can't blame you on not free handing the emblem. Really liking the base you have made him.

    1. Thanks man,

      surprised at the response for the base.. it really was a throw-together job...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Klour, it'll be really nice to see them all together once we get em sent off.

  3. Yeah, that base is lovely.

    He looks very nice. I had a lot of fun putting our gaming group's Deathwatch team together for our rpg campaign.

    1. Cheers Dai.. always fancied that RPG.. never found a group tho.

  4. Wow, you are so much further ahead with this project that I am, have only just managed the initial construction, I guess I'd better get a shift on.

    He's looking really nice, you've got a lovely muted black on the armour, very impressive indeed.

    That base too, very nice.

    1. Posted your pad today, so that might help.

      thanks man, i wanted to use this to try some things with the black.. I might want to raise the contrast the next time I do one, but i am pleased with the result.

    2. Awesome. Got the main construction done the other day, and undercoated this morning (your pad will be done separately and added). Should have a post of in progress coming Thursday.

      The black works really well. If you wanted to add a tutorial I'd be very interested to see how you managed it as I'll have to experiment to get the black on my marine too.

    3. I might be able to manage a tute, but it wouldnt be till the weekend...

      what I did was basically use a dark grey, a vallejo panzer grey, the using a fine brush and a very drybrush to paint, but almost drybrush the highlights on, bringing them up fairly bright. then using black wash and black paint and some brown use multiple controlled washes to darken down the shadow areas. i say wash again it was somewhere between wash and glaze and very controlled.

      i'll make a vid or a picture tutorial as ason as i get chance.

    4. OK, that makes a lot of sense. I tried something similar once but it didn't work for me. I think from what you are saying I probably didn't take the highlights up high enough, or control my washes well enough. I'll have another experiment with my trooper and see if I can be more successful this time and post what I find.


    5. Hm, well the colours I worked up through were vallejo panzer grey.. not sure of the GW equivalent but its very dark.. i mixed with then worked up through basalt (chardon granite maybe) and then cold grey (codex grey i think) I may have lightened the last step with a touch of white, and contained it to the edges, but i didnt go any lighter than that.

      i use the gw or vallejo washes as the base for all my glazing down, and i apply them like paint, no pooling of real "washing"

      let me know if theres anything else i can help with, and id like to see how it comes out


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