Monday, 29 October 2012


This resin conversion kit was causing my friend and colleague Zzzzz such consternation he thought the best way to deal with it was to send the bloody thing to me.

lets just say its a good thing I have a Dremmel.

The Ride belongs to one of the Necromundan Gangs sucked into the all consuming conflict on Devos IV and as such received an appropriate color scheme. I'm sure the man himself can tell you much more about how it fits into the campaign.

For my part, I am glad I was able to help, although it wasn't easy to get the thing to go together I think it looks okay, I'd be torn as to whether to recommend it. I guess if you are a very experienced resin modeller it's okay, but if you've never strayed beyond a plastic kit, avoid!

apologies for the absence from the blog, work's been crazy plus, you know, xcom came out. more on that later :)


  1. All assistance gratefully received. It looks lovely. And will doubtless perform manfully in the Bullit-esque car chase.

    For anyone who is interested, it is the Chapter House six wheel converstion kit.

  2. Nice paint scheme. That Chapter House kit looks like a great alternative to standard Chimera.

  3. I love the kit, and had many of the same issues with assembly. I spoke with the person who did the CAD modelling that became this resin kit. Apparently it was designed for the newest version of Chimera chassis, GW re-did the sprue and the new one is a little different in dimensions. If you were using a 1st edition Chimera the problems are extreme. I ended up posting a series of build photos on my blog detailing my issues that I shared with CHS and the designer. I love the kit for Necromunda and alt Guard armies but agree its not for novices and you are gonna need a complete tool box of goodies to do it right.

  4. Wowzer: I've never seen this before: what an amazing kit!

    Thanks for your insights by the way, War Frog, and Karitas: that is a blindingly good choice of colour scheme - perfect mate.


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