Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Badab war Deathwatch project

I noodled around tonight and made what I hope will be my contribution.

A Sternguard Sgt with a powerfist and combi-plasma. Intended to be painted as a howling griffon.

hes just blu takked together here.. well his chapter pad and left arm are separate for painting, as is his head. the rest is glued.

Oh yeah, and his head is magnetised so he can be helmetless or helmeted :)

I still need to do the base, and to get him to paint.. but he aint "approved" yet, so i'll hold off on that.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks man. a few more tweaks I think, and then paint!

  2. Magentised head ! Was stunned for a few seconds at your brilliance. Then fleetingly thought "I could do with one of those myself." And a split second afterthat got to the potential comedy value.

    I take my magnetless hat off to your continuing quest for innovation.

    1. athankew.

      one tries one's best :)

      seriously tho, I thought, you know, what if i won it, would i want a helmet.. or a barehead.. and i realised i didn't know.. so i magnetised :)

  3. Looking great! I'm considering magnetizing my submission so he can swap out the flamer for a combi-plasma.


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