Monday, 29 October 2012


This resin conversion kit was causing my friend and colleague Zzzzz such consternation he thought the best way to deal with it was to send the bloody thing to me.

lets just say its a good thing I have a Dremmel.

The Ride belongs to one of the Necromundan Gangs sucked into the all consuming conflict on Devos IV and as such received an appropriate color scheme. I'm sure the man himself can tell you much more about how it fits into the campaign.

For my part, I am glad I was able to help, although it wasn't easy to get the thing to go together I think it looks okay, I'd be torn as to whether to recommend it. I guess if you are a very experienced resin modeller it's okay, but if you've never strayed beyond a plastic kit, avoid!

apologies for the absence from the blog, work's been crazy plus, you know, xcom came out. more on that later :)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fallen Princes Deathwatch Project Veteran Sergeant

Almost finished..

Well I'm sorry but that howling griffons chapter badge.. I cant paint that.. so i'm waiting on some decal paper and i'll print one up and slap it on.

Because of that he's a wee bit shiny at the moment, but i'll mattcoat him when that arrives, then maybe re-do some of the silver so that's shiny.

I put a good number of purity seals and scribbles on him, as that's part of the howling griffon fluff I believe..

ahh the suspiciously empty place where the iconography should be :)

And now... the amazing screw-on head! (go mike mignola!)

Hm, maybe I should a made a place on him or the base for the helmet.. though thinking about it, it woulda looked weird the other way round then...

and a top view so you can see the TMM work, heh. silly acronym

This project is rapidly becoming a thing...

I mean, look at the squad so far..

Sternguard Deathwatch. 

Sgt: Karitas Howling Griffons Excommunicate Tratoris 
Trooper: Brother Silar (Astral Claws), Combi-Plasma gun. 
Trooper: Brother N'tur (Salamander), Heavy flamer. For Holy Terra. 
Trooper: Minotaur, Bolter Badab War in Cambridge. 
Trooper: Lamenter Lamentum 
Trooper: Death Specter 
Trooper: Lamenters, Flamer Cognitive Dissonance
Trooper: Into the Void 
Trooper: Raptor Iron Legion

Only one spot left to fill.. Well, that's me for now. as soon as the decal paper arrives and the thing is on there i shall be posting this off to be part of the competition/charity auction. let me know what you think, not my best work, but I quite like the way the colours pop.. I can certainly see the attraction of a full army of these guys.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Badab war Deathwatch project

I noodled around tonight and made what I hope will be my contribution.

A Sternguard Sgt with a powerfist and combi-plasma. Intended to be painted as a howling griffon.

hes just blu takked together here.. well his chapter pad and left arm are separate for painting, as is his head. the rest is glued.

Oh yeah, and his head is magnetised so he can be helmetless or helmeted :)

I still need to do the base, and to get him to paint.. but he aint "approved" yet, so i'll hold off on that.

Badab war Deathwatch project

This is a very cool thing:

a competition and chariddy type thing to build a deathwatch Squad from badab war vets. all organised by the fallen princes badab war site..

several other blogs are already signed up, and progress is good - and as its a single mini and i could really use the practice with black, i'm in too.

kinda undecided about details, but the thread on the blog should sort that out.

so go take a look, and if youve time, throw a mini together for it.
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