Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Spiky Bits Dark Vangeance Contest(s)!

The guys over at the Spiky bits Blog are giving away two sets of DV!

here are the detals

one requires a simple "|like" while the other asks you to upload a converted and painted mini.

I used the recent DV libby..


 I know potentially it looks greedy.. trying to win one of something, with one of the same.. But I do only have this guy and the chappie, and what I'd love to be able to do is try to convert the others and make tutes here.. and to give the chappie and libbie away, painted up, as prizes once I hit 400 followers..

'course I have to win it first, so if you fancy helping that along you could always pop along to the gallery and "like" my entry... and any others that take your fancy too.

anyway, busy work week.. and games day on sunday. (damn you for releasing the fellblade...!) Hopefull i'll be able to capture some worthwhile footage or pics. expect a post monday!


  1. I entered this contest as well, but I'm pretty skeptical about our chances in it. The last one of their contests I followed ended with the main prize not being awarded because one of the contestants was found to have entered photos he found on Dakka - which was really odd considering it wasn't even the best of the entries. That one really felt like a cop-out to avoid handing out a prize.

    And now with this one, they say "get as many likes as possible, though it will have little to no bearing on the winner," so I'm not sure what to think there. They didn't announce an entry cut-off date, and began posting images what, four days after the contest was announced? So if the number of likes has any bearing on the outcome, those in the first batch have a huge leg up, especially considering it took them three days to post mine in the second batch after I sent it in.

    All of that aside, they just ran a spotlight on the creation of one of the entries. Yeah, it's pretty cool and the design is great and it deserves to be one of the finalists, but this doesn't seem like a very equitable way of running a contest.

    But hey, some more people get to see my work, so I guess it's all good?

  2. By the way your rune priest conversion is brilliant and gives me wonderful ideas.

  3. Thanks man :)

    I share some of the concerns about the comp. the extra time to garner votes being one of them.. and the fact that it looks like the winner is chosen already being another.

    but hey, it cost me nothing to enter (i printed the thingy at work ;) ) and if there's a chance of winnning, that's awesome, if not, I've had more comments on my work.

    Which entry is yours mate?

  4. Mine is the Jetbike Farseer.

    You painted that at work? I kind of want that job!

  5. HEhe, printed, not painted.. the logo thingy :)

    although I do have n awesome job, having spent a good chunk of the day teaching students how to sculpt with greenstuff :)

    BTW, the eldar on jetbike is awesome, nice blends and some good freehand,

  6. Ahh, damn my high resolution and aging eyes!

    I cheated on those blends. That's all airbrushing! I still need to do some freehanding because the dullcote completely screwed up my transfers.


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