Sunday, 23 September 2012

Games Day UK 2012

So I only have crappyphone footage to report with, but there was some interesting stuff here.
the main hall...
Being a teacher of digital graphics, and something of a 2D and 3D digital artist myself my companion for the day (Zzzzz) and I had a few interesting chats with FW and GW guys about how they do their stuff.. although i did get at least one "I cant answer that".. GW guard their proprietary technologies well.. and who can blame them :)

The FW stands were awesome, these guys are really going all out on the heresey..

FW Emperors children

Legion specific termies..

man-portable autocannon!
 This thing was awesome, but hard to get close to.. (sorry for the quality, I was at full stretch :) )

It's Abbadon...  and looks wicked...

This was the amazing Isstvaan 3 board.. World eaters storming the loyal Legion forces...

There we have it, not much footage but some to add to the general internet morass.

The GW contest was impressive, but a few people won multiples, and it didnt look that clear cut to me, still its hard to judge at the distances we are, I look forward to better pics appearing online so I can see what the judges saw.

and looking at some of the stuff in the finalist's cabinet, I may well have to have a go next year.. although it commits one to a longer day..

Anyhoo, thanks for reading!


  1. Very nice board of Istvaan. I've seen some pics elsewhere of Abaddon and Loken very nice diorama. Thanks for the video of the board it lets you appreciate the size of it better

    1. Welcome mate, glad the fuzzyvision had some value :)

  2. Sorry Karitas, but I think that lump in front of you at the Abaddon cabinet is me. I don't get to see the back of my head all that often, but the balding patch definitely looks like the scorched earth campaign currently being waged across my scalp!

    I was struggling (as usual) to force the Imp in my Iconograph to get its lazy arse in gear and record some decent shots.

    Next time, just tap me on the shoulder and say 'Isn't that Dan Abnett over there by the drinks machine?' I'll soon move lol.

    1. Hehe no worries Bix, it was all just a bit of a general melee, part of the fun of it.

      I had the discussion with my companion for the day that we were most likely walking past people whose blogs we had rwad, and with whom we had held conversations.. oblivious to each other.. and here's an example. :)

      next time, T-shirts with the site masthead on them!

    2. A very good idea, I'll keep an eye out for you at the next Games Day scrum; although I may also now invest in a hat! :)

  3. Karitas, I linked up your post at the following:

    I used one of your pictures. If you would like me to remove the photo, please let me know. I will take it down, no problem.

    I appreciate you posting up the photos and your thoughts for those of us who could not attend.

    1. not a problem at all, link away,and i'm glad i could offer something worth looking at :)

  4. Your companion sounds mysterious. Obviously you're trending back to your inquisitorial roots and keeping everything anonymous. Good form.

    1. Sorry old boy, didn't want to implicate you without consultation, but likewise, wanted to get the content up while it was still "fresh"

      Once I get home I'll retconn the article to include a linky to your good self :)


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