Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Dark Vengeance Rune Priest - Wot I did

Nothing too complicated about what I did here tbh.. most of it was scraping off icons and adding wolfy bitz..

The starting bits....

and with icons removed.. heres a tip, use plastic glue.. the thin stuff we used to call "liquid poly" to melt surfaces clean and smooth....

the wolf arm and the donor sword.. I left it as a sword instead of using an axe mainly because I liked the sword.. I did make some modifications to the hilt to make it more "celtic"

the backpack got some donor parts to wolf it up.

and once the chap was all kitbashed and assembled i set to making some fur..

Here he is in primer...

I'm fairly confident I could set this guy up for any chapter, so it seems my fears about the usefulness of the DV box may have been exaggerated...


  1. Nicely done. How easy was it to remove the Dark Angels iconography? I want to get Dark Vengeance but want to use the models for my Crimson Fists.

    1. Thanks Courtney, it wasn't too bad actually.. the left shoulder.. well the whole left arm is a separate piece, so you can see I rebuilt it keeping the sword, and using the pad I wanted..

      the chest tabard is the worst I guess. but it came off okay. I recommend a bit of liquid poly to smooth away the roughness left by the scraping.. very fine grit paper works too, but I really wanted to keep the edge...

      the right pad is just a rams head, theres a few dangly bits on his belt but they come off okay, and the fronts of the graves need to be cleaned down. the backpack is another rams head so that should be fine.

      As I say I reckon you could use this guy for any chapter if you do the requisite shaving :)


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