Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Combi Plasma Conversion for Space Wolves

Sure it would work for anyone, but this one.. is for my wolves :)

 As I move towards a 6th ed army, I cant help but want to try my Wolf Guard in TDA. this of course means 1 less plasma gun.. which just wont do.. so.. combi plasma.

I set about looking at the original one form the commander box, mainly because I'm really not a fan of the side-by side storm bolter approach. I know it has the Forge world endorsement now and everything, and I could make them form pintle mount storm bolters and emulate the look.. but nah, not for me.

After a little thought and some trimming I cut the boltgun and plasma pistil into the component you see above with a sharp scalpel. for once I didn't cut myself. win.

Further thought, dry fitting and trimming left the two main components looking like this. the top section of the pistol is removed so that the barrels will fit flush, the gubbins is hollowed out.

And when the pieces are put together, with wolfy bits and all, you have the above. not a bad match imo. the trick is getting the barrels back on and the magazine to fit flush, some inventive trimming is needed for that.

Here it is on a couple of models, and at the top of the article you can see it wide-by side with the GW part.

Anyway hope that helps both my fellow wolves and the soon-to -be overpowered DA players and their much-rumored "plasma special rule"

Thanks for reading.. PS.... PC is still sickly.......


  1. I am so stealing this idea to replace all the combi-plasmas I converted into combi-flamers.

  2. excellent article! Will be adding this to this weeks UK Bloggers weekly round up :)

  3. Awesome! Glad there might be some use to be gotten from it :)

    1. No worries. You just need to add the UK Bloggers Group banner, you can find it on :)

    2. ah, a bit of an oversight there.

      sadly It's a tad difficult to fix right now.. my pc is in bits still.. I keep managing to post form the ipad or phone with various apps or from the browser.. but it's a bit more complex trying yo change the page.. give me a few days i should (hopefully) get the damn thing back on its feet soon.

      I should really remove the paincakes one.. I never get traffic form that site.. not even sure i'm still in their blogroll..


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