Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Space Wolves Vindicator

I really enjoyed painting this thing, so many angles and plates you can get some lovely contrast. I followed the same recepie as my other Space Wolf Vehicles, though I p;layed a bit with the decals.

The Half wolf head is repeated on the back.. the weathering on the dozer blade is the usual mix of sponginig on chips, washing with pigment and streaking with oils.

 The various sucesses and failures of the NMM here are donw to a formula one could create from effort, time spent, paints available and surface area without raised detail... still the overall effect is certainly good enough for the tabletop imo.

 There we have it, your comments, as always are appreciated.


  1. Loving the lack of yellow on this tank.

    Looks really good, especially like the chapter/company markings.

  2. Very nicely done the weathering is fab


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