Sunday, 19 August 2012

Space Wolves StormTalon Conversion Painted

Quite Pleased with this recent batch of vehicles, gave them my usual space wolves formula of VMC Dark Sea Blue, followed by VMC french Mirage Blue and then VGC Wolf Grey.. followed by a Heavy Weather.

The airbrush is such a useful tool for vehicles, allowing me to easily apply the scorth marks and dirt.. not to mention how useful it is for the base layers...

Also getting more comfortable doing a NMM look on larger areas.. sure it isnt perfect, nor is it time consuming, it's a good balance that I am very happy with.

 I did paint the Pilot.. Honest.. look you can almost see him :)

This is of course going in an allied force org.. all the allied space wolves will be from Bjorn Stormwolf's company for ease of identification...

There we are.. more vehicles to come in the next week or two. as a final note please bear with me for a while.. My Pc is infected with the most horrible Virus I have ever seen and so I'm posting using the annoying web interface,, I'll do my best to get back up and running asap..

Any thoughts and comment on this beat of a vehicle are as always welcome.. Thanks for reading!


  1. Nicely done, I like the different warhead colors on the missiles launchers. Your weathering is top notch.

  2. Thanks man.. looking through these, it's worth noting the photography has made the lenses look really flat and mono-colour.. that's not the case irl.. hmm odd...

  3. Wow, that looks good. What camera/lens did you use?

  4. Looking fantastic, really love the worn and used look from all that great weathering.

  5. Very nice piece of work, the weathering is looking good and the overall appearance is spot on.

  6. That is a thing of beauty love the nmm work.

  7. It looks better painted. Looking forward to blowing it out of the sky.

    EEspecially liking the talon decal on the forward fusilage. Is that wolfy or is purloined from elsewhere ?

  8. The weathering on this model is fantastic. Overall its a great realistic paint job. However, the glossy single color lights look completely out of place on an otherwise gorgeous model. You should take a half hour to go back and gem them to get them up to the quality of the rest of the model.

  9. Thanks guys all the comments are much appreciated :)

    Let me deal with a couple of questions..

    Gonewild.. having had the privelledge of working as a photographer I have some decent kit on hand. this was taken with a Nikon D200 with a cheap sigma 18-50mm lens cranked to the bottom end.. so 18mm wide.. (well more like 12 on a nikon ccd but hey) nothi9gn special in the lighting, striplamps form ikea with daylight bulbs in..

    Zzz.. those are indeed from the vanilla space wolf transfers provided by GW.. there is only one on each sheet though, I think they are intended as "honour badges" to be used in place of pack markings on some models.

    xNickBaranx yeah I did say they looked nothing like life.. then I went and looked.. I actually did some gem painting on them with tamaiya clear colours... then hit them with a matte varnish between that and the flattening effect of the daylight bulb, theres nothing left to write home about. I will paint in standard acrylic "gem" lenses.. I was trying to be more (psudo) realistic and it failed :)

    once again, thanks all. a few more vehicles to come in the next few days!

  10. Awesome!! I love the scorch marks and the hole thing In general. :)


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