Sunday, 26 August 2012

Space Wolf Dakka Predators

 This one's pic heavy.. I painted two of these together.. sure, I know long fangs are better.. and Vindi's are better... and las would have been... but you know what.. I love me some Dakka preds.. fluffy and frightening to infantry.. and with the new glancing rules,, pretty scary to light armour too..

Also, nothing says "Space Wolf Armoured Assault" more than a wall of AV13+..

Many pictures follow.. still in the browser.. so dont expect antying fancy...

Predator 1:

And number two..

They still need a few details finalisind, but its minor stuff. i'd play them like this...

these are the last of the rhino chassis... vehciles just leaves drop pods and land raiders.. several dreads... and a boatload of infantry.. this recent run on vehicles has made me feel like proper progress is being made.. so I might tackle the raider next.. or the dreads while this painting and weathering methods is "down".. then tackle the infantry...

Your comments and thoguths are much appreciated, thanks for reading!


  1. Are those smoke dischargers mounted on the hull or the turret ?

  2. They are indeed on the turret.. upside down and attached to the lower plane..

  3. Beautiful work, really life like. Though I've been painting for so many years I always find a good excuse for not painting tanks................

  4. I know what you mean Manus, I often build them, then sit looking at the primed hull for many months procrastinating and finding excuses not to paint them.

    Odd thing is, when I do paint them, I really enjoy the process.


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