Monday, 13 August 2012

On the Workbench

this is what the desk looks like today…

I am very aware that it looks like I’ve been very remiss on the hobby front of late. I can assure you, although there has been the usual holiday slow down due to activities outside and a parade of visitors, there has still been work going on.

The problem is I’ve started a lot of things at once, and am flitting about between them like a real flibbertigibbet.

Over Here is Zzzzzz’s Warhound titan.


Being in the middle of a fully NMM space wolves army, it’s very liberating to be working with metallics again. I picked up a few new ones that are good quality and the results are looking very, well metallic. “Very Metal” one might say ;)


Look at the shine on those :) and I still need to do a final highlight.. then weather…


I’ve done my best to replicate the gryphonicus mottled yellow.. and then will repeat for the grey. but every time I find myself getting into this paint, I have to remind myself that this will be being painted over with desecrations…

Also on the bench..


I decided to put some work in on the space wolves motor pool. I’ve done all the quick and easy stuff.. base, highlight, shadow, chipping, transfers etc.. now the long bit.. the NMM.


Sponge weathering is fun..


Last but not least.. Thunder Thunder .. Thunder Thunder.. fire.. or wolves.. the box contains both ready for primer.

So I am busy.. but you ain’t seen it yet..

finished pics.. or more WiP.. whichever comes first!

Thanks, as always, for reading the ramblings..


  1. Wow.. a Titan.. color me jealous here.. it is looking good so far!

    And nice start on the Space Wolves.. looking forward to seeing the NMM on them..

  2. Oooh. looking at the Great Hunt's wheels makes me think that the emperor's children need more defilers. All looking very good.

  3. Hi Mr Lee.. save your envy for this bloke ^ for 'tis his titan.. I am merely painting the bugger :)

    Zzzzzz,... there are at least three already... can two predators and a vindi really be that much of a threat? :)

    i suppose.. when you factor in all the long fangs.. and the land raider... maybe.

    1. I know.. just jealous that you get to paint it.. quite the beauty there.. and your doing a great job on it! Cheers


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