Thursday, 9 August 2012

Joining the 21st Century



I had a fiddle with some settings today and have set it up so that future blog posts will be reblogged on both facebook and twitter. (links below)


I don’t know how many of you reading this might be interested in such things (answers on a postcard please) but it was fairly painless to set up, and If I put in a wee bit of effort to add a few people on there, it might get the readership up.

I’m closing in on 400 subscribers, that’s a huge deal for me. I started doing this as a way to shout into the dark about what I was doing and it’s given so much back to me.

Any suggestions for something to do to celebrate finding 400 people will be considered :)

I feel slightly odd saying that, as this blog isn't like a lot of the high readership blogs out there, I don't do commissions or have a company or product to promote, nor do I do “news” and use that to attract advertising revenue, in point of fact this blog hasn't earned me a penny. and at about 10k views a month it probably never will, bit I digress and that isn't why I do this.

I blog because it gives me a forum to share my hobby a way to help people out form time to time and a place to have an adult conversation.. like a good pub, rather then the thumping screaming nightclubs that the forums can be.

On that note, anyone with any requests for tutorials or demos/articles, I’d love to hear them.. I’m even open to a Q&A.. the reason I say that is because a great deal of what I do and how I work is already documented here in tutorial form.. I’m a bit at 3a loss as to what yo demo for you that I havent already shown you…

Maybe a tutorial page to bring it all together.. hm.. let me know what you want to read from me.. it would help.

So yeah, here we are adding a few more ways to read the blog.

I might even get a smrt phone…


As always thanks for reading,, even if this one is a bit of a ramble…

coming up soon, a few space wolves vehicles, more work on the titan, some TWC finally and maybe a vid of a finecast Thunderfire cannon… just need to get all of those finished and off the bench into the display case……

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