Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Experimenting with LED lighting..

 After seeing this guy's flicker I was blown away.

So much so that out came the soldering iron and I set to with a few LED's I already had, a battery pack off a toy car and a small terrain peice i also already had...

Much swearing later I had this thing... no, it's not as impressine as Jon T Law's stuff.. but you know what I can see how to get there from here :)

I had a play with this terain peice and another LED I had.. and now know that I need to got a few more powerful ones than I have..

but that's okay.. this is the first part of a journey... I hope you'll come with me on it as I try to improve my photography and build some new, illuminated terrain peices!

The first one was taken with an extra LED point light, the second with just a long exposure.. and no, no photoshop, that starring was created in lens..

Anyhoo just another insane distraction.. on which your thoughts are always welcome..

Thanks for reading!


  1. That is really cool. I'm an electronics hobbyist, too, so I really love it when folks do stuff like this. I made a smoking and flickering volcano terrain piece for the Bay Area Open earlier in the year. I wish more folks would do stuff like this. It adds so much to a game.

  2. ooooooooo very nice. That looks fantastic. Is there much of an issue with heat at all?

  3. Thanks guys :), yeah these are really very early ideas. I've had a few more thoughts, just need to get hold of more omni-directional lighting that the either dull, or very focused LED's I currently have.

    And Brummie? theres no heat issue at all from the LED lights themselves, but there's a wee bit of one with the soldering iron :) next time, I'll build the terrain and wire it up at the same time, tather than soldering in a small, plastic space :)

  4. Really nice i did something similar with my necron monoliths so i can light em up when I use the portal or gaus flux. Also, I like hearing people go OOOOOooooohhh....

  5. I'm part way through a project to get flashing blue and red LED lighting into an arbites army.

    All the LED parts are done, I just have to get to the painting now.


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