Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Experimenting with LED lighting..

 After seeing this guy's flicker I was blown away.

So much so that out came the soldering iron and I set to with a few LED's I already had, a battery pack off a toy car and a small terrain peice i also already had...

Much swearing later I had this thing... no, it's not as impressine as Jon T Law's stuff.. but you know what I can see how to get there from here :)

I had a play with this terain peice and another LED I had.. and now know that I need to got a few more powerful ones than I have..

but that's okay.. this is the first part of a journey... I hope you'll come with me on it as I try to improve my photography and build some new, illuminated terrain peices!

The first one was taken with an extra LED point light, the second with just a long exposure.. and no, no photoshop, that starring was created in lens..

Anyhoo just another insane distraction.. on which your thoughts are always welcome..

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Space Wolf Dakka Predators

 This one's pic heavy.. I painted two of these together.. sure, I know long fangs are better.. and Vindi's are better... and las would have been... but you know what.. I love me some Dakka preds.. fluffy and frightening to infantry.. and with the new glancing rules,, pretty scary to light armour too..

Also, nothing says "Space Wolf Armoured Assault" more than a wall of AV13+..

Many pictures follow.. still in the browser.. so dont expect antying fancy...

Predator 1:

And number two..

They still need a few details finalisind, but its minor stuff. i'd play them like this...

these are the last of the rhino chassis... vehciles just leaves drop pods and land raiders.. several dreads... and a boatload of infantry.. this recent run on vehicles has made me feel like proper progress is being made.. so I might tackle the raider next.. or the dreads while this painting and weathering methods is "down".. then tackle the infantry...

Your comments and thoguths are much appreciated, thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Space Wolves Vindicator

I really enjoyed painting this thing, so many angles and plates you can get some lovely contrast. I followed the same recepie as my other Space Wolf Vehicles, though I p;layed a bit with the decals.

The Half wolf head is repeated on the back.. the weathering on the dozer blade is the usual mix of sponginig on chips, washing with pigment and streaking with oils.

 The various sucesses and failures of the NMM here are donw to a formula one could create from effort, time spent, paints available and surface area without raised detail... still the overall effect is certainly good enough for the tabletop imo.

 There we have it, your comments, as always are appreciated.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Space Wolves StormTalon Conversion Painted

Quite Pleased with this recent batch of vehicles, gave them my usual space wolves formula of VMC Dark Sea Blue, followed by VMC french Mirage Blue and then VGC Wolf Grey.. followed by a Heavy Weather.

The airbrush is such a useful tool for vehicles, allowing me to easily apply the scorth marks and dirt.. not to mention how useful it is for the base layers...

Also getting more comfortable doing a NMM look on larger areas.. sure it isnt perfect, nor is it time consuming, it's a good balance that I am very happy with.

 I did paint the Pilot.. Honest.. look you can almost see him :)

This is of course going in an allied force org.. all the allied space wolves will be from Bjorn Stormwolf's company for ease of identification...

There we are.. more vehicles to come in the next week or two. as a final note please bear with me for a while.. My Pc is infected with the most horrible Virus I have ever seen and so I'm posting using the annoying web interface,, I'll do my best to get back up and running asap..

Any thoughts and comment on this beat of a vehicle are as always welcome.. Thanks for reading!

Monday, 13 August 2012

On the Workbench

this is what the desk looks like today…

I am very aware that it looks like I’ve been very remiss on the hobby front of late. I can assure you, although there has been the usual holiday slow down due to activities outside and a parade of visitors, there has still been work going on.

The problem is I’ve started a lot of things at once, and am flitting about between them like a real flibbertigibbet.

Over Here is Zzzzzz’s Warhound titan.


Being in the middle of a fully NMM space wolves army, it’s very liberating to be working with metallics again. I picked up a few new ones that are good quality and the results are looking very, well metallic. “Very Metal” one might say ;)


Look at the shine on those :) and I still need to do a final highlight.. then weather…


I’ve done my best to replicate the gryphonicus mottled yellow.. and then will repeat for the grey. but every time I find myself getting into this paint, I have to remind myself that this will be being painted over with desecrations…

Also on the bench..


I decided to put some work in on the space wolves motor pool. I’ve done all the quick and easy stuff.. base, highlight, shadow, chipping, transfers etc.. now the long bit.. the NMM.


Sponge weathering is fun..


Last but not least.. Thunder Thunder .. Thunder Thunder.. fire.. or wolves.. the box contains both ready for primer.

So I am busy.. but you ain’t seen it yet..

finished pics.. or more WiP.. whichever comes first!

Thanks, as always, for reading the ramblings..

Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Fabricator General will see you now


How many Leman Russ tanks you reckon you could build in an afternoon?

Now how many Forge World ones do you think you could persuade to hang together?

I popped round to Zzzzzz’s gaff the other day for a chinwag and some nerdery, and while discussing his butterfly mind anf the myriad projects he has on the go we tried to instill some order.

Part of this meant getting stuff out of the garage, in order to put it back in the garage in less disarray.. or at least after a coat of lookin at.

It came to light that one of the boxes contained a whole armoured section planned for his DKK army…. now at this point I confess I am a little odd.. I build everything… then I let the guilt me into painting them by sitting around all grey.. I suggested this to him and well.. we were off.


That’s what they looked like at noon…

DSC_7382 DSC_7383

This was by about three…

DSC_7384 DSC_7385  


DSC_7388 DSC_7389

..and by about seven PM there was twelve Leman Russ Battle tanks sat out there. All with Forge world bodies and turrets, air filters, track sections…


All he needs to do now is dress them up with packs/stowage smoke etc and then the minor little task of painting them :)

A very enjoyable day on the munitorum assembly line!

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