Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Titan is assembled


This thing is big.

Not an easy build either. If you don't have at least a jewellers saw and a dremmel, you aren't even going to get the resin vents off. you don't get ANY spares of stuff like the million pistons you have to cut to fit.. so do the longest ones first.. that way if you screw up you can cut them for the shorter positions.

I pretty much had to pin every leg joint with brass rod, and use epoxy glue for the major joints, superglue for some of the smaller stuff.

it’s pretty rock solid now though :)

Getting any expression of character into the legs is a challenge, as it doesn't hold together itself. what I did was pose it, then draw outlines of the components, dry fitting over and over until I had it so it looked right, then worked through gluing and pinning joints.

anyway, a guided tour on video follows, along with more pics, and some shots form the build.

What's next is to prime, gap fill, snag and re-prime, then paint it up loyalist colours (legio gryphonicus) then add some spiky bits and conversions and re-paint it chaosy. :)

I know, right? :)

And here’s the pics..


  1. Very cool man! That looks great!

  2. Thanks Mord..

    just need to wait for the right weather now to prime it.. not too hot, nor too humid.

    hm. during the British summer...

  3. Epic.

    Your work, and the games we'll be playing, of course. Epic in 28mm. "Curse you GW !"


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