Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Space Wolf Allies

What? oh, C’mon.. the chance to add a few new models? of course I am thinking about allies.

I started with models I already had.

Imperial GuardDSC_7336

I have a fairly large guard army, and the cheapness of the stuff.. for the firepower you get.. it’s just wrong. example, two veteran units, primaris Psyker and two vendattas… sure you could bump those up to three and still be inside the forge org for allies.. but wait..In the heavy slot you could add three leman russ MBT’s.. or three Hydras… and a psyker battle squad in the elite slot.. wow.

Add some cheap enginseers to help out your vehicles and backfield shooters…

And we haven't even discussed artillery. this codex is the ultimate for power gamer mining outside of the GK it’ presents an awful lot of options.


My guard are painted in desert colours.

And my wolves have snow bases.

that, right there.. I can’t do that. Maybe somewhere down the line I’ll add some vostroyans or vallhallans.. or model up some housecarls.. but nope, wont be using guard right now.

Grey Knights


I have an old Inquisition army, that’s how this blog started and why it’s called what it is, a radical inquisitor… but I cant bring myself to play from the fromagerie that is the GK codex.. and I know that sounds rich coming from a guy with wolves and guard.. but there it is..

also, GK aren't battle brothers with wolves.

Maybe later.

Space Marines

Here’s a nice option, and one of the two I intend to explore.

Battle brothers, check, able to still model them as Space Wolves and therefore keep using the models in the core army.. check..


DSC_7350 DSC_7351 DSC_7352 DSC_7353

Fast, Scoring, T5, shooty and survivable in assault.. awesome. also opens up the stormtalon, a much needed anti air unit for the Space Wolves.. space marine captain with relic blade, sgt with fist, MM attack bike and a Meltagun and flamer in the squad..

I still have a spare vanilla biker so I can still run the unit as swiftclaw if I swap him out for a special.

Only question is whether to use Khan.. with the cap added to the squad and the talon escorting that’s a decent blob to come in from outflank…

Blood Angels

More battle brothers.


Let’s first consider a cheap option I already have the models for. I mean sure, we can talk about death company in stormravens modelled as wulfen, and we might have to go there.. but for now, lets look at:

Assault squads, x2 5 man, melta or flamer, led by a libby.

can still model them as wolves, can still use them as sky claws and rune priest..

and two of my favourite words.. fast.. scoring…

sure I could run a single squad and combat squad them.. I could do that twice and get twenty of these blokes on the boards.. but this is a decent start..

Also.. I could run a Baal pred…… assault cannons are going to rule this edition, I can feel it :)


Heres the quick libby conversion I put together wile considering this.


The last viable option in my mind, and still a bit out there as Dark Angels aren't battle brothers..


Worthy of consideration I believe because cheap, scoring hammernators are going to be everywhere this edition, and one of the best counters.. is more cheap, scoring hammernators.. :)

This one doesn't open up much though, and while the scoring part is nice, wolf guard are still a viable option. Its a nice idea, but I like speeeed….

So the Space marine and Blood angel codices will be the ones I explore..

I haven't included templars not least because I don't know the codex well, but moreover because I feel the above offers better options than anything that codex could offer.

so let me know your thoughts, am I derranged? am I heading for trouble modelling my allies the same as my core army? should I consider GK codex options?

What units should I consider acquiring and modelling next? a Space Wolves Baal pred? more bikers? Wulfen in a stormraven?

I’m just full of questions today, huh? :)


  1. Exactly the same thinking as you!

    Just bought a vanguard pack and assault marines pack, sky talon and aegis defence line. Hadn't thought about the bikers tho! Drat!

    Expand more on the IG as I've never played with them to be fair!

    I'm considering 2x hamminators with Belial incl 2x cml and a squad of cyclone/mm land speeders.

    Or 10 x assault marines, hq, priest and joined by a space wolf chaplain with pack.....

    Or Some cheap Eldar and farseer (Dire avengers & war walkers) to babysit my long fangs.

  2. Glad someone else is thinking like me :)

    IG present possibly the most broken option outside of paladins imo..

    Two troops of veterans, with plasma, a primaris psyker as HQ make a good, cheap core and net you six plasma guns and a psyker.

    house them in two vendettas from a single FA slot and tho whole ting comes on at once.. and thats six twin linked lascannons for anti air..

    if you want more anti air, take a pair (or three) of hydras on the in the heavy slot and you can shoot down anything.

    if you want instead to put leman russ tanks back into your wolves, you can take a squadron of up to three of them in your heavy instead of the hydras.

    model the whole thing as native fenrisian hucarls and your fluff angle is covered too :)

    like I say though, my guard are already painted as desert troops, so I cant use them really.. and I cant justify buying it all again just cos they are the wrong colour.. so I'm probarbly going to go with the vanilla marine codex and the bikes for now, also, my eyes have been opened to the thunderfire cannon.. so i might have to pop one of those in the allied heavy slot :)

  3. death wing TH/LC with their close combat & deathwing assault and wolfguard terminators AC/CML(2 per 10 men)with their long support. 2k gets 45, 3 of each, maxed and 185pts.for HQ whomever-you-f*ing-want. Try it.


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