Sunday, 8 July 2012

Assault Group Miniature WW2 German - Painted

Easing back in to hobby after a break, even if it’s only a couple of weeks, is always easiest I find, If I do a single miniature, and do that in a day.


Fortuitous then that the mini I mentioned in a previous post from the Assault group facebook givaway arrived yesterday.

2012-07-07 12-34-23.4342012-07-07 12-34-33.3382012-07-07 12-34-42.667

This is the first WW2    figure I’ve ever painted, and I really enjoyed it. He painted up very quickly and his details are well sculpted, it’s a real painters miniature. now I can’t speak for the rest of the line, but if the others are as good as this, I may well be building my Germans with a few more of these figs.

2012-07-08 08-39-04.1492012-07-08 08-38-47.772 2012-07-08 08-38-59.259

The mini arrived free from major casting errors with very minimal flash and he sits on a traditional tab-between the legs style base, which I used to glue him to a GW plastic disc, as I want my Germans to have common basing, but will be getting them from  different manufacturers.

DSC_7236 DSC_7237 DSC_7238

I’ve tried to paint him to resemble a late war Afrika corps veteran, hence the cap colour and the mismatched trousers and tunic, He’s clearly got about this guy cos he’s carrying a Russian SMG too, although research tells me these were quite widely used by the Germans, even in some cases being retrofitted to 9mm!

DSC_7239 DSC_7240 DSC_7241

I don't expect my historical accuracy to be high, I’m no expert here and as I say it’s my first historical for this period, well ever.

I’m not sure where to go for my next guys, I intend to pick up a few form a couple of ranges and compare them so that you guys can get my newbies eye view on what the models are like. I think Bolt action are my next port of call, but for fairness I’ll go with a metal mini there too, rather than their plastics.

If anyone has any comments on my paintjob, the historical accuracy (or lack thereof) or recommendations for other companies to try, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.

And as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Looks good. If you're building a mid to late war force, I wouldn't worry about homogenity in their apparel.

  2. Great paint job, especially the flesh tones & face - I always find those tricky. The snow on the base is really nice too.

  3. Thanks guys :)

    Faces were something it took me a while to be happy with, but I really only use 3 paints now, and a wash.. and they are all GW if you can beleive that ...

    though they probarbly dont make the damn things anymore now theyve changed thier line..


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