Monday, 4 June 2012

A Turn Counter?

Sometimes I just make these things, I get a notion in my head, and I have to build it even if it’s not the best way to do something or the cleverest, neatest idea.

This is an example of such a thing.

DSC_7191DSC_7187  DSC_7188 DSC_7189 DSC_7190  

Yeah it’s a Menhir with magnetisied skulls… they clip to the base, or into the Menhir, there’s seven of them, so I can mark game turns…

Only question is, add or take away?

Oh, also,


Should I start cleaning up pics more in Photoshop?


  1. Thats pretty legit. Impressive.

    Also, I don't think you need to clean up your pics. I like your blue background, very unique.

  2. Haha that's a great idea!! if you feel charitable feel free to send one my way :p

    But seriously, i think its a great little piece.

  3. From a random corner of the interwebz... Well done!

    ...and no. Your pictures look fine without the photoshop.


  4. Cool idea :-) Maybe I'm grim, but adding seems the way to go..

    Unless you're getting bad colouration then leave them be. If you want to get tricky, I'd think you'd be better off with varied backgrounds rather than cutting out. That said, I've not noticed anything bad here :-)

  5. Don't sell yourself short, mate. The idea is awesome! Might have to nick it for my World Eaters ;-)

    Oh, and the answer to your question is: You have to add skulls of course, as more and more of them are sacrificed to the blod god every turn ;-)

  6. A brilliant, if strangely disturbing, idea.

  7. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the comments :)

    The photo question I guess comes from having worked on getting my “finished unit” pics to a better place with photographing them on the display board and in terrain, so it felt a bit weird going back to the slightly shoddy blue colourama, but hey, if you guys are all okay with it, then so am I :)

    The consesnsus seems also to be to add skulls for each elapsed (or current) turn. That’s where I was too,.
    I guess if I were to make another of these I’d go a bit more elaborate, make a more in theme housing for the skulls on the base, then have the obelisk atop that.

    And I agree, good for a khorne army.. Skulls of course are courtesy of the Secret weapon miniature sack o skulls .

  8. Magnetised skulls? Oh stop, you're having a laugh now! What a totally inspired, chaotic idea. Fabius Bile would be proud of you, dear chap! Absolutely brilliant!

  9. Awesome idea- I'm swiping it.

    Your pictures look great, I don't see a need for PS.


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