Thursday, 7 June 2012

Slow News Day – Man Cave Revamp

When paper have a slow news day, they reach for the CIT stories (Cat In Tree), If you’ll permit me my own variation…

So the offics.. studio.. man cave call it what you will, it got a revamp.


It looks like this now.

Some nasty old shelves have been replaces with Detolf display cases (thanks Ikea) and a new cupboard has arrived., I have a big ol desk at the end for painting, modelling and my computer. (airbrush right) and a smaller desk where I can draw, or set up a laptop, or where my partner can work or on the rare occasions a miniature grabs her, paint.

Now the improvements to the space alone were worth it, but there was a reason for doing it, see, my guys and the chemicals and stuff i use needed to be put away.


(excuse crappy phone pics)

We added these two boys to our family this weekend just gone. Getting the house ready for one year old ginger nutters and subsequently settling them in has meant less hobby, but has been worth it.

We lost our previous moggie in January, he was a ginger and white nutcase too, so when the shelter said they had these two, we couldn't not bring them home with us.

So there we go, a Cat In Tree story for a slow news day. And because the internet loves cats.. more pictures of Ronnie and Reggie..

IMG00192-20120606-1746 IMG00172-20120606-1050 IMG00179-20120606-1057 IMG00182-20120606-1102

Thanks for reading, normal service will be resumed as soon as I find out why paintbrushes are so good for sniffing….


  1. Lovely! And what a great man cave. I have man cave envy, not least because my shed is now so 'tumbledown' (to put it euphemistically!) that painting in it is now no longer a possibility.

    In other news, the cuteness of this post is something of a paradigm shift from the previous one of khornate skull towers, isn't it?

    I guess the spice of life is still variety...

  2. I've tried commenting a couple of times but Blogger seems to be glitchy.

    Those are two gorgeous looking guests you have invited to take over your household :)

  3. Drax, I feel very honoured that not only is my hobby tolerated in my household, but positively indulged and occasionally participated in.

    I feel for you in your exile to the gulagshed.

    Tamsin, I hate it when it does that, thank you for taking the time and patience to persevere :)

    And yes, my partner and I have realized that it is no longer our house, it is theirs.

  4. I'm likewise lucky to have my own mancave. And whilst my wife isn't into the hobby, she neither impedes my efforts to get on with it and is even happy to sit in said 'cave as I paint on the futon, watching TV or on the laptop.

    Wish I had as much natural light as your windows seem to offer though.

    Kits are cute. Not as cute as mine, admittedly, but cute nonetheless. ;)

  5. Enough room for you and your miniatures,A couple of Detolfs, natural lighting and the Kray brothers. What's not to like. I recently revamped my working space and I might share pics soon to as I find it fun to see where people do their magic.


  6. don't mistake me, my missus isnt into 40k, but she does have a skaven mordheim warband, and a ressurectionist Malifaux crew.. and she likes to paint the odd miniature.

    Yeah Dai, the natural light is very good, ~I still need lamps, but mostly to get rid of shadows during the day.

    Seb, you should man, i've got some good ideas about layout from seeing other peoples "command decks" :)

  7. The new display case is v kool. But it will stop me fiddling with everything and putting it back in the wrong place.

    The Cray twins can only add to the thrill of miniature painting (esp when the heating goes on...)

    Going to delve backwards now and see what all the Khornate fuss is about...

  8. thanks for sharing.


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