Friday, 1 June 2012

A question about Bran Redmaw



Yeah, so a week after my typing “I did think about using a nice dynamic sculpt like Khan as the basis of this, but ya know, he’s mail order only.. and metal” they go and release a finecast. dammit. never mind, I’m committed now.

So I was doing some GS groundwork, I put in the shape of his loincloth (fur to follow) and started on his beard.. with the intention of adding flowing hair..


But he’s been sat on my desk a week now as a baldie, and I'm not sure if it’s not the way to go..

here’s a black and white close up, so the green isn't distracting

baldie bran

So whaddya think? Is Bran Redmaw Bald? or do I carry on with hair?


  1. Bald head - Check

    Beardy - check

    Braids - triple check!

    All the B's are accounted for. Looking good!

  2. Baldness looks good (my chrome dome and I are biased), and that black and white pic really shows how seamless the sculpting is. Good stuff!

  3. Bran looks great, you get a real contrast between bald and beardy and your focus is drawn to his eyes. Got a "gonna kick off any second" look about him too!

  4. Big Bald and Beautiful just the way I like my Burly Men.

  5. There's always the chance that you could make the hair look totally awesome, of course. But I think the other guys are right: Bald is the new hairy!

    It should make the model stand out rather nicely among his "hairy" brothers, too. And of course, there's also the nice irony of a bald guy transforming into that totally hairy monster ;-)

  6. Thanks guys for the opinions.. it's unanimous.. he stays Bald :)

    been a bit quiet bohhy wise this last week, what with the end of term, and with a concerted effort being made to revamp the hobby spaces a tad...

    I'll get some work done in the next few days and get some updates up. :)

  7. Your snappy sharkskin suit, slim tie, fitted dress shirt and bald head have lead this post to being featured on my weekly themed top x. Congrats on doing it your way.

  8. :)

    Thankyou HOTpanda

    Always a pleasure to be selected by your discerning Ursine nose..


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