Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lucky Old Dog



ME! ahahahahaha....


Yes, thanks to the generosity of Studio McVey donating this amazing prize to the Frontline gamer's  Birthday giveaway celebrations, I will be receiving a copy of the Sedition Wars boxed game on it's release.

I cant tell you how chuffed I am about this.. I've been following the amazing success of the kickstarter, and had this literally on my "birthday list" for the end of the month!

To have won one is amazing, and makes me very happy.

I've won four actual physical things in my life. (not counting work accolades etc.. actial PRIZES)

When i was ten, I won a poster design competition.. five pound book token..
When i Was twelve I won a book.. in a prize draw.. Medieval History,
A while Back on this very blog, I won a Stormsword.. for a web banner design..

and now a copy Of Sedition Wars..

So overall, pretty happy with this recent one :)

Many thanks to Both the frontline Gamer and To Studio McVey once again, I can only apologise for the fact that, once in my hands.. the paint I slap on the models won't look anywhere as good as the demo models painted by the studio guys and Mike and Ali.

Still cant wait till release time tho.


  1. You're welcome.

    and congratulations again.

  2. Having met your miniatures, I know that it simply could not have gone to a better home.


    Enjoy all that McVey wonderfulness!

    - Chris.

  3. You're a jammy git :). Congratulations.

  4. Heh, yep, you lucky lucky sod. :) congrats!

  5. Very cool - congratulations! I hadn't seen the KS for Sedition Wars prior to your post, but now they have my money! Curses! :)

  6. Thanks everyone!

    As you read, i dont win things often, so its a big deal when i do :)

  7. @Mordian 7th - So very glad about that.. I was feeling a tad guilty that i'd won one as it meant they'd lost a sale... now I feel I've redressed the blanace through you :)


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