Friday, 29 June 2012

How to base a Titan?

A question, rather than an answer.. or a tutorial.. but also, my WIP take on basing for a titan.


It’s been a bit quiet on the blog the last couple of weeks, blame work, a combination of an external examiner for my HE program and an end of year show for my 100+ Games students means I didn't get much time.

I did however pick away at this problem.. I didn't feel I could start building ZZzz’s Titan until I had the base sorted, because that speaks both to pose and to security of attachment, he had already said he didn't want anything too ornate, or los blocking, and that it often looks daft when a model is carrying a huge amount of scenery with it everywhere it goes.

I however couldn't just slap a model of this scale and magnificence on a flocked green bit of hardboard, so here’s my WIP take on getting it right.


I include the Elysian for scale :)

There's a single small structure in the top left corner, and the rest depicts a road intersection. the streetlights will have osl, and they will be better embedded in the surface.

Ive a lot of putty work to do to tidy and seal edges and to enhance the rubble piles.



The big flat area of wall here will get some imperial propaganda posters in scale, and I am toying with the idea of finding or scratch building a suitable scale civilian vehicle to be a wreck, possibly even underfoot.

Here’s some of the development.


Once I had the idea in my head, i sketched it onto the formed hardboard sheet, and started to make the main structural elements.


the embossed brickwork is scribed onto peeled foam core with a pencil and blade.


the flagstones are a mix of poster board and cereal box


you can see the foam core structure in the back and the double height poster board kerbstones


A liberal coating of PVA and ballast makes a reasonable tarmac analogue

So there we have it so far. still in progress, but I think, showing direction, I may add some signs of corruption to the city as I must bear in mind that this work and this titan are under the influence of the red god!

I might get some more bits done over the weekend, as its my birthday, so along with having a sneaky day off today, I’m at liberty for the weekend too :)

and a few short weeks remain before the holidays, which seem to get shorter every year.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and feel free to offer comment on the direction of this odd base.. a base for a titan!


  1. The base is looking good, can't wait to see where you take this. For the vehicle you could try the pound shops for a variety of vehicles.

  2. Looking good dude!
    I did a similar thing for my warhound, but I'm soon going to re base it on a forest base with a destroyed viper, to match my Reaver that is crushing a shot down wave serpent, sending guardians scurrying into the trees (well, at least it will be when it's finished...)
    Looking forward to more pics :)

    Cap'n Stoogey

  3. Looks great. Any plans to add some cracks in the pavement from the titans somewhat less than dainty tread?

  4. My commissioned artist ('cos i'm too lazy/not skilled to do that much resin myself!) found the best for a titan was smaller and sturdier. Mine are based on 6mm thick MDF and cut around the footprints, but linked in the middle to form a solid base. Hardboard may not be sturdy enough once you have that weight of resin to support. Any flex and the toes may snap. Just my experience. Maybe double the thickness with two-ply hardboard and make it smaller to avoid flexing?

    Looking nice and scenic tho. Maybe a compromise, slightly smaller and slightly thicker is in order. Hope that is helpful?

    Link to my Reaver at

  5. Thanks guys for the comments and the advice.

    The hardboard seems fairly sturdy at the moment, and it's only a warhound, but I may well look into some reinforcement before I commit any further.

    I might similarly magnetise the titan on there so that the base can just be replaced if it turns out not to be suitable...


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