Friday, 15 June 2012

Did someone say “Free Miniature”?

They did indeed!

“Someone” being the Assault Group.

This company makes characterful 28mm white metal minis across historical, WW2 , Vietnam, Modern and other ranges, and they are offering anyone who “likes” them on facebook a free mini of their choice from the “freebies” section of their website. how awesome is that?

I’m sure they wont mind a few image reposts.. if they do they are more than free to contact me and I'll take em down.. but guys, just look at how cool these wee sculpts are:

Don_t_call_me_Bubba ijofficer SPFence_001 Warrior7

Did I mention the Vehicle is from their range too?

What’s not to like, a free model!

I’ve been thinking about WW2 for quite a while, this this chap:


Will shortly be appearing on this blog as my first German mini.

Thanks for reading, and look out for the post where he gets some paint on him :)


  1. Wow. Great shout out. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Thanks for the info. I went for the suicide bomber as I figured it would make a great Marbo.


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