Monday, 14 May 2012

Wot I did: The Redmaw Conversion

Calling this a “Wot I did” rather than a tutorial as it’s literally a “i did this” rather than a “you should proceed thus”. as a teacher, I see a difference :)

I’ll still tag it as a tutorial though, and you should feel free to take away from this anything you want or are able to :)

So, I started with my two donor models:


Which today is a Thunderwolf mount, and an old Mornheim Skaven Rat Ogre. though anything with humanoid but still beastly hands and claws would do as well I think.

I wanted to work from a Thunderwolf because of the fluff…

+++SpoilerSpoilerSpoiler+++ (dont shout at me if this spoils you!)

what with Thunderwolves basically being Astartes who have lost the fight with the Canis Helix, ultimately, Bran will end up properly on all fours and drooling, but for now he can hold it halfway.. that’s what I wanted… anyway.. onwards.

++Spoiler over++

first, I chop the Thunderwolf in half.

DSC_7040 DSC_7041

Using Magic Sculpt I put a base together and pinned the lower torso (and it’s new feet) to it, I also pin the arms into the torse, bulking it out with Magic Sculp to hold the heavy white metal limbs safely to the plastic torso.

Once this is set up, (about 2 hours) I do the same thing with the upper and lower torso, putting much more bend in the waist than the original Thunderwolf body had.

 DSC_7048 DSC_7049DSC_7050

With the head in place this gives me the basic form, although it looks very stitched together right now.

So, time for the Greenstuff!


That’s My usual sculpting set up, though for this sculpt a few of those tools get used far more than others. the one at the bottom of the picture is my “go-to” for cutting and placing putty on the model, the one above it has the perfect triangular tip for shaping fur GW style, the clay shapers in the image are largely used for smooth putty before i start to add any desired detail.

Vaseline keeps my tools lubed.. that’s about it. the mounted needle and the bladed metal tool weren't needed for this work.

DSC_7056 DSC_7057 DSC_7058

the putty goes on in stages, first any large forms get blocked out, the torso in this case is made to look a little more humanoid, then the two major joins are covered, and rough fur is sculpted to blend them into the figure.

DSC_7059 DSC_7060 DSC_7061 

Next we sculpt yet more fur over any joins and to help blend new forms into the figure, this is where you need to take great care not to smudge work already done, and why I usually let most work set up in between changing locations on the model


And here he is, a blast of primer homogenises the colours so you can more clearly judge the form, at this stage often you need to do more blending work over seams and transitions.

More picture available on the first post, and paint will soon be forthcoming.

thanks for reading, and I hope that helped someone :)


  1. Looks good man. Only thing I would tweak is bulking out the legs a bit more.

    And id add a few pieces of armour but thats just me tho..

  2. Great stuff man! Looking forward to seeing it painted up!

    I'd echo Old IronWulf - maybe a couple scattered pieced of torn marine armor on the base as though he's ripped it off during transformation? Looks great as is, but it may help tie it in with the rest of the army...

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Great work. This is outstanding. I love the fluffed up decision making in how to proceed with the conversion.

  4. He needs power armour. His power armour has to go somewhere surely? :) (Too precious to allow to be destroyed each time someone spills his beer.)

  5. Yeah iron wolf, mordian, I am going to have to do something with some armour... Needs to wait till I pick up another box of thunder puppies tho, to match the weapon and chest plate from my wip bran.

    Thanks feldmarshal :)

    Dai, yeah, the difficulty is that the space marine models aren't actually that well designed. I mean, can you tell how the armour goes together? So its hard to put in a disassembled state without it looking distinctly like bits of a model..

    Hehe student teacher, not sure it would make it to Austin in one piece even if I did.

    Tell you what though, if you want to do one your self, I'll coach you through it, emails, pics, maybe even Skype :). Drop me an email if you're interested.. I am a myself teacher after all. It could be an experiment in distance learning.

    Thanks all for reading, and for your comments!


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