Monday, 7 May 2012

Space Wolf Objective Markers

It’s been really bugging me what to use as markers for these guys, I usually like to build and “army-specific” set, but the puppies were bugging me.

For my guard, I went with the supply dump things, they worked, but I couldnt really go there again.. I considered making mini-drop pods full of kit.. but that was basically rehashing the supplies idea..My daemonhunters army had books and dribbly candles on thier objective markers.

I see a lot of comedy ideas, like piles of puppies, or dog snacks etc, but although I like a laugh, it’s not really the tone i go for in my models (‘cept dem Orks).

Finally decided to go for this..


+++Transmission to Skallgrim of the Blackbrow, Wolf guard of Bran Redmaw’s company: date: 023894.M41/234+++

+++Brother, Scout servitors report discovery of several sites of interest to the Rune Priests. secure sites and await instructions. For Russ, For the Allfather.++++

Each monolith/runestone has some carving on it, some bitz to dress them as though they may have been left by a previous company of wolves, maybe the 13th? maybe Russ? who knows.. and each objective has a servo-skull on it having discovered the site and beaming co-ordinates.. the plan is to paint the skulls with a nice bright osl so the objective stand out a bit, cos I’m a bugger for making markers that blend in :)

I’ll concoct some better individual photos once there's some paint on the things.


  1. Menhirs! Good choice. I like it.

  2. Ooooh. You're getting quite into the Redmaw thing.... Might have to put a few corsairs into my Edlar armies to theme it a bit.

    Love the Menhir Obj markers; quite inspired.

  3. Very Nice. I especially like the servo skull additions.

    I converted up some wounded scouts to use as mine.

  4. oooh, Good word LL..Menhir.. better than "runestone" or "obelisk" as I've been using :)

    Zzz.. damn straight.. some easily killed snowy elves thingies would go down a treat :)

    Spyrtle, poor bloody scouts.. I know they are a suicide unit, but you didnt have to keep and re-use the bodies ;)

    Got these painted at the weekend, and the post should appear tomorrow.. just need to go back to it and swap "Runestone" for Menhir :)


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