Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Space Wolf Objective Markers Painted


Okay, not exceptionally well, i grant you, but I decided I needed to up my output on this army or I'll still be looking at primer in three years time :)

I’ve described what I was aiming for in my earlier post, but I really did have a hard time deciding what to do as objective markers for wolves, that wasn't frivolous, but sill tied in to the army theme.. and wasn't just a repeat of “supplies”

In the end I decided to go for “sites of interest to our Rune Priests”, whether that’s chapter relics, sacred sites, 13h company or relics of the lost Russ.. yeah, something.

I took inspiration from actual (and recently faked) Norse runestones, such as these:

220px-Vallebergastenen_lund_2006 450px-U_240,_Lingsberg kaga-kyrka-og-103  220px-Ög_8,_Västra_Steninge

Anyway, here they are individually:

and officially now dubbed “Menhir” rather than the less epic sounding “Runestone”. Thanks Lead Legions ;)

 DSC_7137 DSC_7138 DSC_7139

DSC_7140 DSC_7141 DSC_7142

DSC_7143 DSC_7144 DSC_7145

DSC_7146 DSC_7147 DSC_7148

DSC_7149 DSC_7150 DSC_7151

As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments, and thank you for stopping by to read my ravings!.



  1. Very nice. The servo skulls are a nice touch which I intend to steal for my own objective counters.

  2. They look good, perhaps you may want to consider a bright / high contrast with your typical tables' color for the rim of the base? Might help avoid any confusion with terrain or actual units.

  3. I think they look awesome. Good job. Great idea.

  4. Very cool! I really like how they turned out.

    I'll echo Spyrle's comment about perhaps doing something different for the base rim to help them 'pop' as objectives. Maybe black and yellow hazard stripes?

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Now that is cool. Tremendous inspiration and perfectly executed.

  6. Love it! I've been trying to come up with something for my Wolves for a while now, and these are incredibly inspiring.

  7. Great Idea. Seems very original, and fits them. Well executed!

  8. Holy crap those are awesome!

  9. Thanks everyone, really glad you liked these as it had been bugging me for ages what to use :)

    I like the idea of a bit more impact to them, i'll try a game with them and see if they fall beneath my notice or not :) if I need to hazard striped rims seems a winner :)

    I think I have enough pics for a "wot I did" type post.. i'll put one together, i'll warn you though i think i went a bit overboard with these for what they are :)

    anway, thanks again for the shiny comments :)

  10. These are brilliant! They go perfectly with the Space Wolves' whole feel. Where did you get the Raven from?

  11. Thanks anon :)

    The Raven is in this awesome set of gravestones :

    there's actually two in there.


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