Friday, 4 May 2012

The Redmaw – a conversion

My attempt at something to stand in for the Redmaw, at least until Forge world put a model out anyway.DSC_7076        

“Should the curse of the Wulfen take him then Bran is transformed into a ravenous wolf-beast; fully twelve feet tall, powerful, fast, and with claws that can rend plasteel and fangs like adamantine daggers”

That’s pretty much the only description we have for it, and while I have gone oversized (scale wise he’s a tad over sixteen feet high, if a marine is eight) I wanted an imposing presence on the table, and for there to be no doubt that this is a monstrous creature, twelve feet isn't that much bigger than a terminator, and shorter than mounted TWC.

More Pictures:DSC_7082DSC_7076DSC_7084 DSC_7077 DSC_7078 DSC_7079 DSC_7080 DSC_7081  

Is it perfect? no, not even close, I can see so many flaws :)

But I think it’ll do, I can judge once FW put a model out if I want to replace it, in the meantime I can play Bran (once I actually do a model for the “normal” him :)

I think I have enough pics from the build to put together a short “how I made this” blue-peter style.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts, while I try to get some paint on him.. going to “warm up” on some fenrisian wolves first, as it’s been a looooong time since I painted a furry beast.

Also, let me know your thoughts on colour.


  1. Hey man, I think you're really on to something there! It's definitely a good start! Two things:

    First, I would probably add something to suggest the remains of his armour, like some shards of it still clinging to his pelt. You could also go all out and add destroyed cabling, the remains of a backpack etc. I just think he needs something to show what he was before he "turned". It might also be a cool idea to add some armour pieces to his base -- It might even look cool to add his axe lying at his feet. It's quite huge when carried by the normal model, so it would make an interesting contrast when it's suddenly so tiny in comparison with his new form.

    The other thing I would change are the legs. They're the one thing that looks really off in my opinion. They're far too thin, and the right one looks like it has far too many joints as well. Perhaps there are some suitable legs from another kit (Rat Ogres and Daemon Princes come to mind). If you're unsure how to tackle the legs, you might want to take a look at CVintons 13th Company Thunderwolves at DFG:

    Hope that helps! Very interested to see where this is going!

  2. Heh, Kinda awkward ;) in that I was feeling like I was done with him bar the paint..

    I was aiming for the model being reasonably anatomically corre4ct for something that transitional between wolf and man, hence the spindly legs.. I know it's not romantic or beefy like "lycans" or orobos wolves, but it's way more accurate.. and yer man's conversions in the link, while they look cool he's got more joints there than is strictly allowed by nature :)

    Now that said I know i've got a few issues with the shape, in that theres still a bump on one leg where a donor model has a knee etc.. but I decided I could live with it..

    On the subject of armour, i did toy with the idea of including some on him, but it just looked silly, it was way too small, and it ended up looking much more like bits of a model stuck on that it did bits of armour.. I still might put some on the base.. but I dont at the moment have a spare of that axe.. though I will once I pick up another box of TWC.

    so yeah, tldr - I get what you're saying with the ;egs.. and what you see here is part what I was aiming for and part compromise.. and on the armour, well on him didnt work.. and I might still put some on the base :)

    I do thank you for your comments though, as these are all thoughts I;ve had as ;ve gone along, and it's always good to have some thought reinforced.

  3. Definitely see your point concerning the armour, although adding some remnants to the base would basically be the best of both worlds, in my opinion.

    I understand your reasons for making the legs look the way they do. Here's a suggestion for the paintjob then: Making his flesh look suitably distended may reinforce the impression that he is mid-mutation. I would also go for a mixture of fur and pale, human flesh so he doesn't look too much like a wolf but does look suitably gross, like his transformation is still underway.

    Oh, and I am really not trying to say your model's bad or anything! Like I said, it's a cool model. Extra kudos for taking something that was intended to walk on four legs and making it look like it could actually walk upright! I'm sure you'll make it look awesome when painted ;-)

  4. This looks pretty sweet, mate!

    any chance of a picture 'to scale'?

  5. He is obviously a creature of the warp; best keep him away from your Malleus ;)

    I think the stressed transitional skin when you paint the legs will help get across the notion you were trying to convey. Crackin' idea by KrautScientist.


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