Monday, 21 May 2012

Puppies! – Okay, Fenrisian Wolves.


Just a painted post for these, no build, to be honest they go together embarrassingly easy, and there’s no real poseability built into the kit, so paint is all I thought was of interest.


I got a bit more light into the photography, oddly by cutting out some light :) and the light i have is very flat and cool, so this is pretty good colour reproduction.

A fairly large proportion of the paint on these fellows was airbrush work, so they went very quickly.

Individual shots:

DSC_7155 DSC_7156 DSC_7157 DSC_7159 DSC_7160 DSC_7161 DSC_7162 DSC_7163 DSC_7164 DSC_7165 DSC_7166 DSC_7167 DSC_7169 DSC_7170 DSC_7171

I will need more of these fellows, so the question I face is whether to paint the next batch the same, or a different brown, or even paint some grey wolves.

Thanks for dropping by and reading, I appreciate your thoughts!


  1. Nice work, reminds me of mine as its a similar colour wolf, I like your bases too, I think i'll have to add some slate also it seems to break it up nicely, good work!

  2. Very nice. May I ask how you do the snow? It looks really good.

  3. Love those models and your paint job does them credit.

    Think mixing in different colours is ine. Wolf packs in the wild are rarely uniformly marked or coloured, so yours should be likewise.

  4. Thanks Rkik!

    Dalinair, it's actually not slate.. it's leftover magic sculp folded over and over, cured then broken up with pliers :) looks like slate, but I can drill into it easily for mounting dudes.

    Jim, i build up the "drift" and volume of the snow with magic sculp before i glue anything else down, set the faux slate in it and let it cure, that's the basic "heap". I put any gravel aon, then i paint it white (gravel gets whatever gravel colour). Then i stick on a few tufts of static grass and then snow flock, most often with army painter snow, sometimes with a dusting of woodland scenic soft flake snow on top (its sparklier). at each stage i just use PVA glue and a little water to stick everything down.

    thanks Dai, and yeah I think five grey wolves are next :)

    Thanks everyone for reading and taking the time to comment, it's appreciated :)

  5. Thank you for the tips. I have some Space Wolves coming from eBay and I want to do their bases up right.


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