Friday, 18 May 2012

Mark of the Wulfen - Modelling

Having decided to enter into a bit of Bran Redmaw’s shenanigans, I figured it was time to model up a few of these.
DSC_7035 DSC_7036 
Of course I cheated, and instead of getting busy with the greenstuff, I ordered some bitz from puppetswar, who is a sculptor/bitz manufacturer in, I believe, Poland. He produces a pack of arms and heads, for 14eu you get enough arms and heads to convert up 10 Wulfen.

The kit arrived in just about 4 working days and is well packaged for transport, The bitz themselves are well detailed and although there is some flash, so far I’ve seen very few casting issues and they are very minor (such as an air bubble at a fingertip that will take seconds to deal with). All in all very good quality.

I’ll certainly use these guys again, and with the breadth of products on their site, maybe more than once.
The guy pictured above is my first test case model and I think he’ll paint up well. leaving only the one question… Shoulderpads?



  1. The test piece looks really nice! It'll be interesting to see him and the rest of the unit painted. The paintjob on the puppetwar website makes the faces look terribly goofy and would definitely put me off buying those. But your model's pretty cool, so I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on this ;-)

    Concerning the shouldper pads, that's really a tough decision: No shoulder pads would probably make more sense, but they do help in bulking out the model: He looks a little scraggy without them, I think.

    A possible solution would be to decide individually for each model in the squad. And perhaps to take off or add a pad here and there instead of simply going with an "either/or" approach. Asymmetry can be your friend here ;-)

  2. Try kroot shoulder pads - that gives some bulk, but won't cover so much of the arms.

  3. Kraut, Yeah, I think I'll have to mix, mach and vary. I might even try to remove other bits of armour and match the texture of the fur with GS...

    Border Prince.. yeah, ive used those before.. and while i agree it might make a good looking mini, my fluff brain wont let me.. this is a guy who went into battle in marine armour, and freaked out..

    anything else is saying he knew he was going to wolf out from the get go.

    i mean, i suppose that could work for the guys being painted as Bran's crew.. but for anyone else, it's a bit too far imo

  4. Shirley the large blank shoulder pad just cries out for a little creative freehand ?

  5. Is he the Werewolf version of Thriller? lol. I think the shoulder pads look better btw :)

  6. Granted, he does look a little like he's doing some kind of dance.. "the Robot" maybe....

  7. A little late, but have you considered using the tops of marine arms? Either chopped or coppied as little pads, then a mix of these with shoulder pads. Ignoring my crazy pipe dreams, the shoulder pads do look better - the seam at the armour doesn't sit quite right without them.

  8. Never too late for a comment Gorman :)

    I have indeed, I think I'm going to go for a few more ragged ones, where the armour is either broken, of in the process of being shed.

    there's a lot of milage here. and if i (re) read the rules correctly, you dont lose the shooting for MotW GH's so i need to model a few with bolters!

    1. Look forward to seeing how they turn out :-)


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