Monday, 28 May 2012

Forge World Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan Project

Not mine, sadly, but still going to be a pleasure to work on.

I’m not sure at what point “I’d be glad to help you with that” turned into “I’ll be glad to build paint and convert that for you” but such is the persuasive power of Zzzzz ( Zzzz can be found blogging over at Devos IV)– whose titan this is.

Not much hobby done this weekend however as the garage was beyond 2in need of attention” and looked like even your average ork Mekboy would throw up his hands exclaiming “I cant wurk in dis!”

So I present for your delectation an unboxing video, showing you just how many bitz you get in one of these kits.

I need to order a few bits, such as magnets and so on, and I must also mention that this Titan is also going to have some conversion and customisation work done, see Zzzz likes the Lucius pattern… and the titan is for his traitor guard.. so it needs to be made to have “fallen”

I’ll be talking about and showing some of the ideas in that directio0n on here as we go through, I'd also appreciate any advice or tips form anyone who has built one of these suckers, so i can avoid any pitfalls that might exist.

Content for this project will appear on both blogs from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. Having scratch-built one, the only advice I can offer is to pace yourself and take it one sub-assembly at a time. the sheer scale of a project that large is daunting, but I've no doubt you'll do an excellent job.


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