Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Day Job

Sometimes I like to bring a little something from my day job here and have it feed into discussion.

Here’s a quick piece of work I made while sitting noodling around at an open event..

whiteorc orccolour

He is a 3D model, sculpted and coloured in ZBrush in about three and a bit hours, I intended to do much more to him, but as always, once I have solved the design problem and “know” what it will look like, unless a client is evolved, i lose the urge to complete the work.

A bit of explanation might be required, If you’re new to the blog, well I teach Games Design. mostly that means teaching students art, computer based art packages, 3D modelling and working with assets in game engines.. as well as teaching the principles of design and of game design.

One of the things I’ve seen a lot of recently is the use of the very technologies I use, being used in my hobby. and its all thanks to 3D printers.

People model and object, print it, and use that as a base for casts, GW now use CAD for a lot of their plastics, and some even say its the future of the industry, or a giant whole where miniature piracy becomes the next big thing.

personally I’m very excited by the possibilities that 3D printing brings up, I use one in my work, but only as part of a ZBrush based character design project.

here’s some student work:


Not very easy to see, the pic is from an event we did for younger students, and of course, I cant use any pictures with people in :)

These small busts, (about the size you would buy an andrea bust or such) were sculpted digitally by students and printed using a powder/resin printer.

The college has ordered a mixed media higher resolution printer for next year!

If anyone is interested in this stuff, I’ll get some better pics of the work during end of year show, and I’m happy to discus/demonstrate this technology and it’s applications further if you are :)


  1. So. Very. Interested.
    I absolutely must hear more about all of this, from game design to modeling.

    Please sir, more.

  2. Very cool. I'm with Brian...more, more, more!

  3. Hehe okay gentlemen, I'll take even two voices as permission to continue :)

    I'm actually looking at a project for september that brings my hobby together with my teaching, so I might post some of that.

    And I am sure over the summer i'll be noodling around with Zbrush some more,

    Also, I might give a thought to having sculpting somehting hobby related digitally and then having it 3D printed...


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