Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bran Redmaw WiP (2)

Plus a size comparison with the Redmaw model as it’s been requested.

So, here’s my current thinking on Bran..


Again it’s blu-tak..  I’ve kept the pose essentially the same as the widely preferred pose from the previous post. I changed both the torso and legs, because I wanted something a little less “trimmed up” in order that I can add a fur loincloth and a much larker dynamic fur cloak to the model without overwhelming the detail.

I've also got a different head here, as I want to GS a beard.. and maybe hair (might keep him bald, let me know) all to generally increase the wildness and furryness of this bloke. I’m also thinking about painting that wolf on his chest the same colour as the wolf he becomes (once I decide on that)

So yeah, let me know what you reackon.. I’ll be starting sculpting the GS and actually using glue soon :)

oh and yeah, he’s on a very tall base, I kinda like to do that for my commanders, and it was more necessary with him as the Redmaw’s base is quite stacked too.


This way, their feet are about the same level. he’s about sixteen feet tall scalewise (2x a marine on an equal footing) that means though that over a marine on a shallower base he positively towers…


..and finally from eye level so you can see what I mean :)


A skinwolf might have been a better fit.. but as I haven't got to any FW events this year.. and don't fancy buying 3.. I went with making my own. I’m still fairly happy with him, and I’ll certainly use him at least until FW get thier asses in gear and release one. tbh so far all else I’ve seen in use is skinwolves (with chaos insignia intact!) or Orobos wolves,anyway, paint soon..

..thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts!


  1. I can almost smell wet dog from here...

  2. Looking really good! Personally speaking, I prefer the other head option since the braided beard added a subtle hint of dynamism to the model, but seeing as you're going to GS some additional hair and beard, that'll probably work out alright ;-)

    Also, tall bases FTW! ;-)

  3. totally agree Kraut, right now that head would look miles better.. I can only hope my GSFU is stron enough to enable me to make suitable hair :)

    hell, if it aint, i'll rip it off and use the other head anyway ;)


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