Friday, 27 April 2012

On the Bench

Well, desk really..

Thought I’d post what’s going on, as nowt is actually finished, that and talk about some plans.

In my office I have a desk with two “wings”, and usually one side is where I build, the other where I paint, but sometimes I let one thing take over, at the moment I’m trying to get my eye back in with the painting, it’s amazing how quickly you get rusty.


over here on the left in what is usually the build area (and also where I do any real doodling or illustration type stuff) you can see two MM/HF speeders in full flow of being painted. I’m treating these like any other vehicle and going to give them the full weathering treatment. kindof unhappy with current state of paint as they came out a bit less contrasty than I wanted in the grey department. a problem i also had with..


The wolf scouts that are on the other side of the bench. I may well give these fellows some weathering too, I want them quite gnarly.

so that’s what I’ve got “in paint”. both giving me some issues, finding it hard to get back in. I think I need to build something.

That said I’ve some ideas for a Bran Redmaw build, having read the rules he’s just utterly perfect for the way I play the wolves, and is likely to mean I( can no longer play them in polite company as he might well just give me an “I win” button. not because he’s overpowered, but because he synergises so well with my view of the wolves as fast, outflanking and uncompromising.

So, watch this space – I may even ask question as I try to build a Bran :)


  1. Not looking all that bad, in fact they are looking pretty great, and I'm exceedingly jealous of your workspace.
    In case you're interested, I've got a post that's coming up on Wednesday about a Space Wolf list I've been having fun with that includes plenty of outflanking, probably not an auto-win in the way you are suggesting, but it definitely confuses opponents.

  2. Look forward to that Andy,

    I don;t mean to suggest he's an auto win, but for the way I play wolves, which if very fast, mobile and nipping at the flanks, he's a perfect fit.. and the surprise va;lue of suddenly having to deal with an MC in a wolves army, I think it's going to ruin a lot of people's days.

    I just wish I had more FA slots in the wolves, or a character who unlocked some FA as troops. seems the codex is missing a lot of those kind of toys compared to others.


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