Monday, 30 April 2012

Bran Redmaw – First thoughts

So Bran. Lovely set of rules, which are covered extensively elsewhere on the web, but to summarise, Decent wolf lord, good in CC, frost weapon axe type thing rerolling wounds..And he turns into what is basically a Demon Prince when he’s pissed off. okay, that’s good, I'll buy that…

..oh but wait.. he can outflank if you put him with wolves. and if you go that way, then once he “turns” he can benefit from the unit’s fleet.. oh and he allows you to give outflank to a GH pack too.

So I need this guy. and typically with awesome FW rules, there’s no model yet.

Conversion/Kitbash time!

I blu-takked some initial thoughts together –
I’m going to do much greenstuffing of pelts, and while I like the calm, assured nature of this model/pose, I fear I might need to try and go balls-out feral with this guy.. dunno, he IS all about patience, control until the right time.. hrm

‘course one can always go in a different direction and “use the pointyfinger” for a classic GW captain style pose..


again, much GS to follow.. just looking for his form I guess..

..and then there’s the “use both Hands” option..
(Bigger axehead goes here)

I did think about using a nice dynamic sculpt like Khan as the basis of this, but ya know, he’s mail order only.. and metal.. How hard do I want this to be? especially when the minute I finish him the FW release will happen :)

Anyway I thought I’d let you guys see every stage and fettle of this to see what I play with before I get to a place I am happy and reach for the glue.

I’m also more than happy to entertain comment/notions from you. although I reserve the right to carry on regardless :)


  1. I like the second one best. More open pose lets you see more of his awesomeness, it's more of a "leader" pose, and the axe, beard, pointy finger and swinging wolf cloak all serve to help the eye flow over the figure well.

  2. How about two seperate models - a 'before' and 'after'?

    ...or is that too much?

  3. Hrm, you're right of course sons, but I've used a similar pose for my Logan, and that gives me pause...

    Fear not good Drax, a conversion for "the redmaw" is already underway, and much less problematic than bran himself because I can already "see" that one.

    Further furling is required methinks :)

    Thanks for the feedback so far guys, your thoughts echo my own.

  4. I prefer the first and second options. The third one just seems too "workmanlike" for me, if that makes any sense.

    Personally speaking, the first option may have a slight edge over the second, because the pointy finger has been done to death and because the first one looks like he is slowly but *very* purposefully advancing towards his enemies, and it will be really bad news for them if he manages to reach their lines. It also manages to underline the weight of his axe rather nicely, I think.

    Oh, and let me just say that the idea of doing two different models("before"/"after") is sheer genius!

  5. Are you sure you don't want to wait for this:

  6. Makes perfect sense Kraut, and yeah, theres a sense there of what I wanted.. that casual "i'm-a-comin" walk that adorns the cover of the alpha legion heresey book..

    Spyrle, I'd seen him, and theres a number of reasons not to wait.. forstly, I'm bad at waiting.. secondly, theres no plans to release him, thirdly, what's the worst that can happen, it releases, it's good and I buy one, no worries :)

    but you know what, it doesnt look that good to me, reminds me too much of Wulf Sternhammer (oops, my demographic's showing there). I need to work on this some more. and I also need to get some more done to my Redmaw, which I expect there will also be a model for just after I finish :)

  7. Definitely like the first pose the best, it has a certain fell about it, he means business and no doubt. Very interested to see what you are going to do for the alternate model.

  8. (pretending I'm the enemy across the battlefield, trying to guess what's being said)
    Pose #2: Hey, go cut down that tree over there.
    Pose #3: Okay, boss. Firewood coming up.
    Pose #1: (looking me in the eyes)I'm going to kill you, and there's nothing you can do about it.

  9. hah!

    lovely way to express it SAJ :)

    and yeah, looks like what I am going to do is play around some more but try to retain that slow, inexorable advance.

    thanks everyone!

    now I just have to try not to get bogged down in minutiae while making selections. :)


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