Friday, 16 March 2012

Wolf Lord with Jump Pack

For those days when Skyclaws need a little extra “oomph”


Seriously, what’s not to like about 5 S5 attacks on the charge, ignoring armour, with a 3++ save. Ouch.

DSC_6984 DSC_6985

Plus that quiet, evil heretical voice says I could maybe get away with using him as a Sanguinor proxy *coughcoughSpaceBloodAngelWolvescoughtcough*


  1. Looking good so far. I like the bit added to the top of the jumpack. It makes a nice addition to the model.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Very very cool! Really dynamic pose for him which really brings the model alive

  3. Thanks guys, as always looking at photos reveals glaring things youve forgotten to do, such as I still need to bring the tubing on his axe up under his shoulder plate....

  4. If I shoot him with a star cannon he still doesn't get a save.

  5. Very nice, I agree with Andy about the dynamic pose. Makes me want to do something similar on my next Sapce Marine Project, or even modify a few of my Space Wolves. Looking forward to seeing it painted.

    to Zzzzzz, he'd get a 3+ invul from that storm shield I'd say.

    But, as good as the shield looks, if he's hanging out with skyclaws, maybe for 5 points less, you give him a Belt of Russ and a Bolt Pistol. Now he has a 3+, 4+ and SIX attacks on the charge at S5 if he's using a frost axe! Couple that with the saga of the Warrior Born and that's a lot of oomph.


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