Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Wolf Scout Conversions


If you’ve been around here a while you might remember this guy:


He was made with scout parts, plasticard and GS, and well, tbh, I never liked him. so the Wolf scouts sat in a box, as bitz, never got finished or fielded.

Well as you can see from the Image at the head of this post I built some new ones.

See the thing about Space Wolf Scouts compared to umm, any other chapter is that these guys aren’t recruits or initiates without the full carapace install so they cant wear power armour etc.

These guys are full marines, who are just.. loners. they can wear full power armour.. but they choose a stripped down version for stealth and mobility.

That guy there wasn't selling me that. he was too small for a start, too hunched, and too static. So here are some individual shots of the new Wolf Scouts, let me know your thoughts down the bottom.





Ablative Wound :)


 DSC_6917 DSC_6918

To remind me the Squad has Melta bombs


 DSC_6920 DSC_6921

and the two Plasma Pistols:


DSC_6923 DSC_6924


 DSC_6926 DSC_6927


  1. They remind me of the old old scouts. Very nice.

  2. I like the blend of marine parts with others -- they give the real feeling of a stripped down, full marine.

  3. Thanks guys, that's exactly what I was going for!!

    It's tempting to put these guys in the paint queue next, but if I don't do troops dotted among the more interesting guys I'll never do them :)

  4. That is one hell of sharp looking pack of feral dogs you got their Karitas. The stripping down of key pieces of their army gives them an agile look while not compromising on their ferocity. Hope you don't mind a shout out on my weekly themed top x, "Sunday Best". Cheers and thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Panda, and thanks for the shoutout. :)

  6. The melta gunner where did he get his grimy hands on his on that fine looking gun of his? While we are on topic I am right on the assumption that the backpacks are all imperial guard in origin?

    PS Cheers for supporting my blog. I added you to my blog list and joined your blog as well.

  7. That there Melta is one of the tasty forge world heresey era meltas..

    my skyclaws have the flamer from the pack.. and some of my long fangs sport the missile launcher.

    most of the packs are indeed guard, catachan weapon team packs, a catachan vox, but theres also a stripped down power armour powerpack on the melta guy. oh and the last guy just has an extra melta bomb on there.


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