Friday, 24 February 2012

Space Wolves Display Board

Yeah, I went there.


Why? well, I don’t do tournaments, and we don't really use display boards in the UK anyway, so why did I build this?

Partly because I wanted to try some terrain ieas.. there might be a winter board in my future, partly because I enjoy working on terrain, and partly because I felt that using the board section for the IG made the pics so much batter, that I wanted a “set” suitable for my Space Wolf units.

Construction techniques much the same as the board I built, but with some refinements to the rocks, and the dressing obviously very different for winter.

in fact I still need to layer some snow on this, but the adhesive I went with isn't doing the job to my satisfaction, so I’m going to be experimenting.

still once I crack the lighting you can look forward to pics more like this:

DSC_6958 DSC_6959DSC_6957

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is awesome, I always wanted an ice board, really I'm jealous, it rocks good work.

  2. Very nice board, the textures are great. I especially like the collapsed road.

  3. That is fantastic, so well done. Both the collapsed road and the ice in the river look really brilliant. You paintjob is equally good too.

    Really looking forward to seeing some pics on the board. Do you plan to make a backdrop for it too?

  4. Thanks everyone really appreciate the comments.

    I hadn't actually thought about a backdrop but now that I do I could always Photoshop in something suitable :)


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