Friday, 24 February 2012

Space Wolves Display Board

Yeah, I went there.


Why? well, I don’t do tournaments, and we don't really use display boards in the UK anyway, so why did I build this?

Partly because I wanted to try some terrain ieas.. there might be a winter board in my future, partly because I enjoy working on terrain, and partly because I felt that using the board section for the IG made the pics so much batter, that I wanted a “set” suitable for my Space Wolf units.

Construction techniques much the same as the board I built, but with some refinements to the rocks, and the dressing obviously very different for winter.

in fact I still need to layer some snow on this, but the adhesive I went with isn't doing the job to my satisfaction, so I’m going to be experimenting.

still once I crack the lighting you can look forward to pics more like this:

DSC_6958 DSC_6959DSC_6957

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Wolf Priest with Jump Pack conversion


No, I’ve made another. I’m building options right now, so this guy allows me to field another 5 man Skyclaw squad, or to use the models for a single 10 man, and besides, he was sat in a drawer covered in blue paint and Ultramarine symbols, and who wants that?


DSC_6979 DSC_6980 DSC_6981

He wasn’t an easy conversion. This guy is old, and therefore metal. Fincecast would be a much better proposition for anyone daft enough to try and emulate me.

He has the same style of head as the last one and some GS work to emulate the fur of a pelt, there's a belt of Russ stuck on there, and some fetishes, oh and the apothecary gubbins too, cos these guys are that.

Although we wont talk about SW having no access to FNP. No. We wont.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Skyclaw Squad Painted!

I was going to queue this and have it appear later, but as I recently showed the first member, I thought it opportune to post them in a more timely manner.


I’ve really enjoyed working on these in the short bursts I’ve been able to. to the point that I’ve plans to build a few more. These guys have come out quite well, especially considering they are on their third total rebuild and repaint.

Well okay, probably only the packs and torsos and maybe one or two pairs of legs, but back when the Y2K bug was something we all worried about these guys were Blood angels.

About four years ago they were ultramarines. now they get to be Wolves.

If you’d allow me a great heresy, there's a corner of my mind that’s desperate to convert up a Dante “counts as” and buy a couple of Stormraven to run a space wolf painted counts as blood angels jump force.

Maybe… it’s for sure the only way to get a SW SR outside of apoc.. ohh i could use em for apoc too….

Anyway, close up pics incoming.

first up, this basic grunt has been bored on the dropship and has been graffiting on his weapon.

DSC_6960 DSC_6961 DSC_6962 DSC_6963

The flamer marine is one of my favourites for the pose and dynamism, yes, space wolves use woad now. not sure why, just felt right. I expect to be doing more of it as the army progresses.

 DSC_6964 DSC_6965 DSC_6966 DSC_6967

Pfist marine. and yes, if I were ever to proxy them as BA this would be the Vet Sgt. as such he’s got a bit more decoration and posher legs than his compatriots.

DSC_6968 DSC_6969 DSC_6970 DSC_6971

Another line trooper, not much about him, except that is helmet was a pita to colour match in, something about the red throws out the colour perception, makes the whole helmet look darker.

DSC_6972 DSC_6973 DSC_6974 DSC_6975

There we have it, although if you’ve got this far I do have a couple of questions..  are they finished?

I am contemplating a little damage/scratching on the plain armour expanses, and also some gore on the chainblades. I am yet undecided as to whether to go ahead with these final steps, and the advice of the community would be appreciated.


The last pic of the post sees them reunited with their Wolf preist.

More later on the scenery they find themselves amongst.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Skyclaw painted

Yeah, just one.


The others are coming along, but I wanted to push one through, try a few things and see what the end result might be like.

And yeah, I did use the he-Man head. so, what am I taking away from Prince Adam of Eternia? there are some quite challenging things on this mini, not least of which putting NMM gold right next to actual yellow and having it work. (well, whether it does or not, you can tell me.. at this point my objectivity is gone) similarly having blonde hair in the mix also presents issues.. as does having black and grey next to NMM steel. sheesh!

then, if you’re going with the NMM look, can you weather? does it detract from the clean look? well I tried to find a balance.

I’m also still in my painting trying to push contrast and look for opportunities to draw the eyes. I know my paints still a long way form clean but I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Anyway, enough warble.. have some pics.


DSC_6953  DSC_6949 DSC_6950 DSC_6951 DSC_6952

These guys are taking such a long time. I’m investing more, sure, but I’m also so busy with work and other stuff that I’m painting less to, that combo means the pile of plastic crack space wolves should be finished in about two and a half years :)

Well I don;t want to compromise the paint I'm doing, so I’m going to have to find ways to either paint more, or speed up :)

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I look forward to your comments.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Wolf Scout Conversions


If you’ve been around here a while you might remember this guy:


He was made with scout parts, plasticard and GS, and well, tbh, I never liked him. so the Wolf scouts sat in a box, as bitz, never got finished or fielded.

Well as you can see from the Image at the head of this post I built some new ones.

See the thing about Space Wolf Scouts compared to umm, any other chapter is that these guys aren’t recruits or initiates without the full carapace install so they cant wear power armour etc.

These guys are full marines, who are just.. loners. they can wear full power armour.. but they choose a stripped down version for stealth and mobility.

That guy there wasn't selling me that. he was too small for a start, too hunched, and too static. So here are some individual shots of the new Wolf Scouts, let me know your thoughts down the bottom.





Ablative Wound :)


 DSC_6917 DSC_6918

To remind me the Squad has Melta bombs


 DSC_6920 DSC_6921

and the two Plasma Pistols:


DSC_6923 DSC_6924


 DSC_6926 DSC_6927

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