Saturday, 14 January 2012

Two More Finished Wolf Guard Terminators

So I’ve actually got a painted Squad now!


(as long as I overlook the guy on the end who is a very slightly different hue, due to him being the first one painted :) )


DSC_6903 DSC_6904

Took me a while to get to a pint where I had a colour for the tanned leather I was happy with, and typically I didn't write down the recipe.. snakebite, dehneb and bleached I think.. :)


 DSC_6906 DSC_6907 

Quite happy with this blokes face, it has some real character in person. but I’m still struggling to adjust to mini photography again and cant quite get the colour/exposure balance right.

It’s nice to have a finished squad, but it’s been a bloody long haul so far on these wolves. the drive on the rhinos the other week was the start of trying to speed up a bit, so I’ll be trying to build another unit or two, and get a few more painted in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hugh the wolfguard ! And so he shall be, to the end of his days....

  2. Very nice! Love how the cyclone terminator turned out, that's really well done. Keep up the great work!

  3. Zzzzzz: Heh, yeah, I get the feeling he's going to die a lot. :)

    Mord: thanks man, appreciate it :) really trying with my faces atm. let's see if it gets me anywhere.


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