Monday, 2 January 2012

Space Wolves Rhinos Finished

..or are they?

 DSC_6889 DSC_6890DSC_6894

See, I can’t decide whether to put a bit of snow on them. I should, as I’m making snow bases, but it’s not something I’ve done before so I’m hesitant. And then, do I go the way I do bases? white glue and fake snow.. do i Use ground white pastel? do I go with a light airbrush of white? hrm. choices..

You’ll also notice in keeping with the previous questioning post that the Rhino are from different great companies. Engir, Egil and Bran’s to be precise, all three with an affinity for Grey hunters in transports according to fluff, (i think)

These Represent something new for me – doors that open, and a nod towards throwing some paint inside. I like it, and might do more of it :)

A wee note on the photography – I don't know how, but that Red is really over exaggerated in the pics, it’s nothing as bright in real life.. also, picked up some glare too, as I’m out of dullcote for the moment.

Anyway, a few more shots for you.

 DSC_6879DSC_6891 DSC_6880 DSC_6881

DSC_6882 DSC_6892DSC_6883 DSC_6884

DSC_6885DSC_6893 DSC_6886 DSC_6888  

That’s it for now, Thanks for reading, and hopefully have some more up soon.


  1. Very, very nice! I love the cooler grey tone and the company colors look really good. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great vehicles there mate! Good to have you back!

    As for the snow - i faced the same question with my Rhinos, but chickened out! If it helps, i was going to just apply the snow to the lower edges of the front and rear 'indentations' and a bit on the hand rungs on the side doors. Not to much, as in all likelyhood the snow wouldnt be able to stay on a moving Rhino for very long!! Just enough to extend the theme to the vehicles though.

    You could always do a 'dry run'. Apply the snow but without the glue and see how it looks??

  3. Hi Guys, thanks for stopping by and commenting.. Always feel a bit sheepish posting and looking for comments when I've been away a while.. feels kinda like "that guy" who only phones when he wants something :)

    I think i might try one of those funky tamiya weathering pen jobbies.. i really wanted ust some slus and frosting in with the mud.. failing that i'll use a white pigment just like i did the mud.. hrm.. maybe :)


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