Sunday, 1 January 2012

Space Wolf Army Composition Question

So I’m doing something different. New year, new plan and all that.

If I’ve one resolution, it’s that this year the bulk of the Space Wolves Army is getting painted!

I’ve ditched Sven Bloodhowl, and the moulded shoulder pads.. mainly because I don’t want to be limited.. either in the special characters I can use, or in the Paint i can sling.


My Wolf guards are all being painted as Logan, the Great Wolf’s company. likewise any rune priests, or wolf priests.

The three grey hunter packs are being painted up from different wolf lord’s great companies too.. Egil Iron wolf’s, Engir Krakendoom’s and Bran Redmaw’s

Long fangs supplied by Gunnar Red moon..

Swiftclaws from the stormwolf..

Scouts obviously will come from Morkai,

And so on. Basically trying to fit the unit to the wolf lord that most epitomises them and their use/tactics..

Now I know this might sound like heresy to most of you, and the new codex seems to suggest one should “pick a great company”, But ..

I remember the old codex, where a space wolf army was made up of different companies, tied together by a purpose, and sometimes and “army badge”. So that’s what I’m doing, mostly for the paitning challenge, but also because this way I can keep adding units, and modelling wolf lords etc untill the cows wolves come home.

What do you think? mental or inspired?

Is it still acceptable to build a Space Wolves army like this?


  1. You paid for the miniatures. You are going to game with them. Your choice!!!

  2. Agreed!

    What ever you think looks the best is all that matters.

  3. From a modeling point of view it sounds awesome, but from a fluff point of view it doesn't make much sense.

  4. It'd be a Great Hunt force, composed of several companies. :D

  5. Some good points gentlemen :) and what I'd expect from this comunity..

    as far as the poll goes thus far seems only one person isn't into the idea.. and three have taken the option to question wether it's the best use of our time :)

    Chris, I agree that it duesnt make much sense in light of the current codex.. but for the last few.. well, since the Wolves were created it actually was this way.. Lexicarnum still has the quite on its aspace wolf page

    "Army Badge

    It is quite common for Space Wolves of different Great Companies to find themselves fighting alongside one another in the same task force. In order to aid identification, and to provide a greater amount of task force cohesion on the battlefield, an army marking is usually applied to the Space Wolf's armour, as well as to the vehicles of the task force. As with all badges, there are some that are preferred over others. Of particular note is that used by the current task force of Ragnar Blackmane; A fanged skull superimposed on two crossed bones, mounted on a black lozenge. This particular badge has appeared many times in the past, and therefore probably has some special significance to the Space Wolves. "

    The main reason for my thinking this way was that time old appraoch to the wolves..

    anyway I've painted a few bits.. yes they've got different badges on em :)

    I thank everyone for thier input, only a total groundswell of "heretic" would have dissuaded me anyway, and that hasnt happened, so it looks like I'm committed :)

    on with the Gret Hunt!


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