Saturday, 21 January 2012

Jump Pack Wolf Priest Painted

Been a slow week for painting due to ill health, but I managed to finish this guy today.

DSC_6943DSC_6942  DSC_6944 DSC_6945 DSC_6946 DSC_6947

He’s had a couple of changes since you saw him, I reneged and swapped out the combi Melta for a Plasma Pistol, and I added the medic’s tubes and whatnot, as re-reading some fluff, that’s what the Wolfpreists are. chaplains and Medics (where’s my FNP then, eh?)

Now, it’s not my best paint job I grant you, but he looks okay from a few feet away, and like I said I’ve not been well :)

Seriously though, I do struggle with black, proper black. I've got away in the past with faking black, using a deep charcoal colour instead, but I wanted to give black a go again, like I said it’ll be fine on the table :)

I do have somewhere an old UM metal jump pack chappie, for which I love the model, maybe a future project will be a wolfie conversion of him..

Anyway thanks for reading, I will try to up the pace on these guys :)


  1. Very nice. I love the subtle conversion that really makes him stand out. The glow effect on the jump pack is great too. Love your wolves.

  2. I've been browsing through your Space Wolves, & I'm blown away by all your minis, but I have to say this one really grabs me - a very characterful pose & paint job.

  3. Thanks guys :)

    Much appreciated, eldar, that glow is so simple.. and messy :) I'll have to do a demo, it won;t take long :P

    Pawn.. thanks man, and welcome to the blogsphere, i've added you to my roll, Like the 'nids and the buildings is wicked.. I must make myself some interiors at some point..


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