Tuesday, 24 January 2012

AOBR – Space Wolf Dreadnought conversions

So I’m now at four dreads…

Three of them are AOBR dreads…


This one isn't, but he donated some weapons to the others :) a backfield dread like this is a very useful addition to a SW army. I can’t see why the so called “rifleman” dread is so popular now, it’s just a hydra after all :)


A fairly standard AOBR dread, albeit with a flamer conversion and some “wolfing up” needs a bit of tidying up prior to paint.


An AOBR dread with the assault cannon from the “proper” dread kit, and again some wolfing up.


Lastly, some posing of the leg, a plasma gun donated from the sentinel kit and the usual wolfing out.

Now.. with a contemptor to convert into Bjorn…. I’ve also got the makings of an apocalypse formation.. Bjorn's sternguard or something :)

1 comment:

  1. I built my SW dread out of an AOBR dreadnought. I think he actually looks pretty darn good, but I need to paint it up - time to take some photos...


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