Monday, 19 December 2011

I… Live.. Again…

Ancient spirits of evil, transform this Skyrim addled form into..


…well, you get the idea.


This game will EAT YOUR LIFE. it should have a health warning.

at least however I’m not the only one

Okay, granted i did say when i posted last… ohmygod.. six months ago, that I was playing Deus ex, and you shouldn't worry..

Well Deus ex turned into Skyrim, and with the usual difficulties of starting a new term, added to a whole new raft of work related pressures and difficulties, well it’s taken a while.

Not that I’ve been totally idle. I built a few space wolves, got a couple of games in, and I think I’ve cracked how I should be playing wolves. although Ive essentially got two space wolf armies now.. and then some.

I’ve a game coming up, if the snow doesn't prevent it, and I've got some paint on some Rhino’s – pics when they are finished so all in all I'm starting back into the hobby.. just in time for Christmas..

and assassin's creed… uncharted 3.. ahhh dammit.

Look, hopefully there will be a triumphant “finished rhino’s” post in the next few days, if not, have a Merry christmas and a happy new year all, and try to get some hobby in :)

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