Saturday, 31 December 2011

Annus Terminus

Here we are at year end.

I won’t do a personal reflection, rather a blog and hobby one, suffice to say, the got progressively harder to find time to paint, between work, Xbox games and other factors.

that said i still managed more posts this year than in the previous two. (wow, I’ve been doing this three years?) way more in fact. 93! (94 once this is up)

Whoa, if I'd managed a whole year of blogging I might have got close to 200 posts!

if, should, could. heh.

I’m happy with the number of games I’ve managed, it’s up on last year, still not as regular as I’d like, and I didn't make the second blog wars but not to worry.

I’m also happy with my painting progress, I’m getting 6/7’s on CMON when I bother to post stuff, sure it’s not the 8’s I’d like, but for one or two figs it’s been close. and I feel like I’ve learned a lot this year, especially from taking my time with the wolves.

Well we’ve broken 70,000 page views this year, which is amazing.

okay, top five posts this year for page hits…


The single most popular post this year was still the AOBR grey knight conversions, which surprises me with a new plastic kit out there.

Still, nothing to say people liked what they saw just that they got the search result and looked at the page :)


Next most popular was the Cadian snipers. another surprise for me, as they aren't a unit per se. guess a lot of other people don’t like abhumans in their IG :)


My Logan and rune Priest conversions clock in next, kitbashes really as not much bar assembly was done with them


The old Daemonhost greenstuff tutorial slides into fourth, again possibly due to the popularity of GK with the release of the new codex


And in last (for this list) place comes the quick build gaming table.

Out of the five, two of those posts are from 2009! so I guess I owe a good chunk of traffic to the GK codex. shame I can’t bring myself to play it.

Lastly a quick shout out to my traffic sources..

Considerably more than half my hits are from referring sites

Bell of lost souls

From the warp

Kirby’s blog

Back 40k

Santa Cruz Warhammer

Being the top five, but a host of others as well, so thanks for that guys.

So that’s my hobby year. I hope yours was as good, and maybe a little more sustained than mine :)

let’s hope the next one is at least as decent.

Happy new year.

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  1. Happy New Year, Karitas. Great to see you back in the Blogosphere. Really looking forward to what's coming in 2012


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