Sunday, 7 August 2011

Video - How to paint Space Wolf Armour with Rust Chipping

As promised, a vid on how I go about this.

It’s a bit long, but that’s Youtube’s fault for lifting the restriction on time :) ordinarily this would have been a part 1 and 2 affair.

I’d give props to the people whose recipes I read through and experimented with before arriving as this way, but they are too numerous to mention, so I’ll stick to the most influential, two painters I admire greatly both contributed either recipe or technique Ideas to this method, the Brush Bros and iguazzu art studio, two truly astonishing artists, who I cant even hold a candle to.

Anyway, here’s the vid.

I’d really appreciate any feedback both on what’s in the vid and on the vid itself, I’ve not made too many of these, and I do worry about quality, clarity, length etc, and even if these have the same value as the still pic tutorials I do.

(for some reason YouTube has altered the aspect ratio, I’ll have to look into that, but it seems to be still watchable..)

Anyway thanks for reading, and watching (even if you only scan through)


  1. Great vid mate. I agree it is a little to long, you could shorten them by showing a small part of the process then cut to the end product of that process. Sometime's you move the model out from the camera shot, but as I have never tried to film models I guess it is quite hard.

    I love the process and the paint's you use they look so clean and good. I have seen them in model shop's but have never took the plunge in buying any, do they do Ink's?

    All in all very impressed and I love what you are doing at the mo.

  2. Nice. Of course, Cerimite armor does not rust, but nice.

  3. Thanks both for the comments,

    Dave, yeah I could speed things up a bit, it's trying to find a balance between making sure people can follow me if they want to, and making the vid watchable i think. and yeah, its hard once you get absorbed with the task to keep it in shot :)

    Vallejo do make inks and washes but they are inks and washes.. inks more akin to the old gw inks (the yellow is awesome for yellow armour) and the washes are similar, but mush more heavily igmented than gw, so use caution with them.

    Warboss, thanks, and yeah, but Termie armour is supposed to be ceramite OVER plasteel.. and steel does rust, so.. where its chipped and broken..

    anyway, niether exists, so :)

    I always remind myself od J Michal strasinsky's comment at a convention when I find myself in a "geekscience" argument.

    a fan asked a "in episode x the starfury couldnt get to y in time, but in episode f it sould get to z in time, thats wrong as they are the same distance, how fast does a starfury actually go" type question.

    the writers answer was "all ships in my shows travel at the speed of plot. if i need it to be able to get there, it can. if the story demands suspanse or failure, then it cannot."

    I just liked the look of rust chipping, so I went for it.


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