Thursday, 18 August 2011

New Banner?

I’m considering changing the banner above.. it doesn't reflect my main in development armies anymore, and on what is becoming a very busy blog, I feel I need something a little more simple,

I knocked this up earlier, and wanted to garner any thoughts from you. which you prefer, pointers for development, imagery, typography colour/b&w etc etc..

newbannerBW copy newbannercolour copy

It’s a characterful leader(ish) type from each of my 40k armies… and should tone in with the BG colour of the site.

I’d like to hear your thoughts..


  1. I like both of them but I would use the colour banner over the greyscale, simply to make sure the top of the blog stands out from the background.

    Nice idea though and it is a great visual.


  2. I really like the color banner...
    ...simple, yet catching to the eye!

  3. I too prefer the colour banner.

  4. I like it- go with the colour

  5. I love the current banner but if you were to change then obviously go with colour

  6. I like both, but I think the black and white might look a bit dull given you have coluor elsewhere on the Blog....the various links, details of armies, etc. So I'd go for colour as well. Looks good...I like the tag-line of "wargaming and modelling blog" as well.

  7. The new banner is top notch and I have to say that the colour one is where my heart lies. The Grey Knight heads blends in to easily and on your grey back ground it compounds the problem. The colour one though is eye catching and pulls me in.

  8. Another vote for the color version. I like it a lot!

  9. I'm a big fan of the current one...

    But add me to the list of votes for the colour version of the new one. :-)

  10. Well that's fairly conclusive then :)

    Don;t warry, I'll always have a copy of that original banner.. and might change it again in a few weeks/months.

    Thanks for the comments everyone, it'll be atop the site in the next twenty mins.

  11. New header image looks great! In your subtitle there you have the word Modeling capitalized, but not anything else. I know it's nit picky, but wanted to point out while you may still be working on them.

  12. It look awesome!
    Must revamp my own now...


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