Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Malifaux – Post first game musings

Okay, So I played a game.

It’s very interesting.

I love the mechanic, the small stage, the various game objectives. I love that even though I don't know what everything does when it’s that models turn i can grab a card and see my options.

I’m not playing Ramos right, as the game progressed I could see so many things I can do, and synergies between models, but by then it was too late. Nicodem beat my ass.

As a pair of summoning casters I found the styles required very different. we both approached this first game keeping our masters to the rear, and while this works quite well for nicodem it’s too far for Ramos. he needs to be closer to the action. but he’s slow.

So I think I’ll be need a brass arachnid and stoke, just so Ramos can keep up with his crew.

The crew is also seriously lacking some ranged goodness, So I’ll be looking into that.

I’m eager to get another go in and see if I can put into practice some of what I learned.

Oh and Nicodem is a summoning monster!

(pics next time, I promise)


  1. Have you read the wiki entry for Ramos yet?

    He seems like a really interesting master to play. I look forward to seeing more!

  2. Absolutely no idea what you're talking about. But I'm logged in and thought I'd bill and coo over your spasewolfterminators. Very nice. Also I need your postal adress.

  3. What game is this you are on about? As it sounds quite interesting and very tactical which is my kind of thing.

    Plus mate yor Space Wolfs are looking mighty fine at the mo and a bit of a handfull to play against when you finish your Army.

  4. I am just getting into Malifaux as well and I am using Ramos. I have had trouble understanding them, but I think the link that The Dark Templar posted is going to be very useful for me.

    Good luck and keep posting about how it is going!

  5. Templar, I did read that, very interesting, just a shame it's really only got master info on it atm, but could one day be a really useful resource.

    Zzzz, hehe yeah it's a small scale game. you wouldnt like it :) thanks for the comment on the wolfies, a few more on the bench at the mo, so we'll see what they look like :)
    Adress in a forthcoming email.

    Dave, IT's "Malifaux" by Wyrd Miniatures, really is very interesting, and controlling a deck as well as minis adds a new layer. Thanks for the nod to the wolves :) hopefully it'ss be a nice looking if not competetive 1750 list

    Meatball, yeah Ramos is a bit of a contradiction and seems to really have a few tricks up his sleeve, I think the arachnid, giving two ramos activations in a good turn will really let me open up some opportunities with him.

    thanks for the comments everyone, hopefully some painting soon!


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