Friday, 5 August 2011

Is yours too small?

Brushes of course.

This is my current set of “go-to” brushes. now for the last couple of years I’ve used a 0 for almost everything, reaching for the smaller sizes when I needed to dot an eye or paint a pattern etc.


Then I bought the 1. (or rather it was bought for me) I find the quantity of paint it holds and (as its new) the sharpness of the tip combine to make be better able to get smoother blends.

I can paint detail as well as ever as the brush and tip quality are still very good, but I can keep that “sweet spot” of brush loading going for longer, and get less “dry out” and less “flooding”.

It’s a revelation to me, thinking that a larger brush (just a bit mind) can give you more paint control, and that detail isn't entirely reliant on tip size. The recent wolves and tiny cyber spiders were painted almost exclusively with this brush.

So I ask you..

Is yours too small?


  1. I used a Raphael 8404 Kolinsky Sable Brush - Size 0 from Secret Weapon Miniatures. It was my first 'expensive' brush. Usually I grabbed the $5 pack of fine detail brushes from Hobby Lobby or wal-mart, used them for a month and tossed them. This new brush is awesome. It is larger than my other brushes, but holds its tip WAY WAY longer, allowing my to paint very fine details. I'll never go back to the small cheap brushes. Check out my blog for examples. All the recent IG models there were painted exclusively with that brush(aside from metallics).

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. I made the same mistake in the past, thinking that a smaller brush would make for better detail. I still use it for fine lining, but the trusty "1" really does the trick.

  3. id just like to know you probably will now get a lot of traffic ffrom 'adult' sites :P

    but very nice idea, i may need to try it!

  4. I've been using a 2 and a 1 since about '07, I think. I picked up a 0 last summer. Once you learn that it's only the point that really matters (unless you need to fit into a tight area), you really do wonder why you ever thought that 000 and 10/0 liner* were good purchases.

    *For the purpose of disclosure, I do still use this brush for trim lines on occasion. It's a liner instead of a round, so it still does it's intended job well without having me go back and forth to the palette to often.

  5. To be honest I have alway's used the Standard brush from GW and have got on very well with it. I can't comment on any other brushes as I have never really known what to get, I guess I'm caught in the GW painting trap.

  6. Boxer, I've been a convert to"decent" brushes for many years, and use series 7 for most everything (except "suicide runs") and have just ordered a few davinci and Raphael so I can compare and post.

    Brian, yeah pretty much the only brushes I need now are the 1 and a 00 for diddly bits :)

    Fuzz,yeah, the danger of punning :) but seriously, you should give it a crack, just don't overload it

    Aom, absolutely, but you know you talk about the point, and I di in my original post, and sure a sharp point is essential, but one of the things that makes the 1 so good for me is that I've been using the edge a great deal with the thin paint for blending, and there's just more edge, and more absorbency so more control.

    Dave, My instinct is to say "get a better brsuh" but t be honest with you it's so long since I used a GW brush I can't speak to thier current quality. as long as the tip holds its shape, and the hairs hold sufficient fluid for long enough, It dosent really matter who makes your brush.

    I do remember thgouh, what a difference it made going from cheap "airfix" and humbrol, and yes GW style brushes back "in the day" made to my ability to control paint, and I didnt look back.

    Thanks for the comments guys, I want to try to get more posts like this going, kind of along the theme of "what did I wish I knew last year" :)

  7. 1 is pretty much what I use all the time, sometimes I have a 00 for the very very fine details. But it isn't really that neccessary.


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